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Seeking Truth

Letter from the Editor

What is truth? This is a conundrum that we tackle on a daily basis in our lives. Sometimes it comes reeling at us like a fastball, knocking a welcome epiphany inside of us. Sometimes it lurks amidst the periphery, elusive and hard to grasp. As Grand Chaplain James Doughty (Louisiana State) said at the 2017 College of Chapters, “If we forsake truth, we forsake our Fraternity.”

For some this means helping others find their own personal truth. Luke Stahmer (Colorado) did this when he envisioned the Dare to Play Football Camps and worked with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation to provide an opportunity for kids to be champions and exemplify their own strength.

Truth can also mean opening yourself up to other ideas and having a dialogue about them. This is what many Commanders will do this year after their experience at the 2017 College of Chapters. Regent Lee Perrett described this best during his opening remarks when he said, “The ‘that won’t work at my chapter’ mentality should be parked at the front door.

Truth in the Legion of Honor also means acknowledging the things that are the hardest to acknowledge. It is this truth that Grand Historian Bob McCully highlights in profiling some of our brothers who defended their nation, knowing that their return was not guaranteed.

We don’t claim to unravel this topic for you in its entirety in this issue alone but we hope that this year you will journey with us as we continue to seek truth in all of its forms across these pages and continue to carry on the spirit laid out in the very first issue of The Delta: We would secure a union of hearts and purposes in life, and form a chain to keep alive the holiest and sweetest ties of love and friendship among our members which can be broken only by death.

We always welcome your feedback on stories we should consider for a future issue. Letters to the editor, comments, and general feedback can be sent to news@sigmanu.org.

Yours in Sigma Nu,

Drew Logsdon (Western Kentucky)

Managing Editor

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