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Book Recommendations for 2017


Every new year marks a time for making resolutions and one of the most frequent ones is to read more. We decided to ask one past and two current members of the High Council to recommend some of their favorite books to help you tackle this resolution and the new year.

Vice Regent Maury Gaston (Auburn)

"This book is uniquely beneficial to chapter leaders in that it helps assess the chapter’s culture and associated strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.  It will help equip members in general and chapter leaders in particular to move their tribe toward excellence."

Past Collegiate Grand Councilman Clyde Yelverton (Alabama)


"This book discusses the difference between being a "giver," a "taker," and a "matcher". It ultimately inspires you to be a giver, and always put others first by avoiding what he calls being a "doormat giver" aka letting people run all over you. An interesting read about how putting yourself first may lead to quick success, but putting others first while still working hard and respecting yourself pays off in the long run."

Regent-Elect John Hearn (Georgia)

"This is story of a remarkable explorer named Ernest Shackleton who became shipwrecked for over a year in the arctic ice.  Facing starvation, harsh weather and unpredictable ice flows, he led a team to survival through faith and perseverance."

"This is an all-time favorite book on leadership.  It provides lessons through the unique perspective and challenges faced by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War." 

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