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6 Questions with Tre Nelson (Northwestern State)


Could you tell me about your involvement with SGA?

Last year I was elected to vice president of the Student Government Association. I also serve as vice president for the Interfraternity Council. This year SGA has made an effort to join efforts with the student planning committee that oversees major projects around campus. Currently we’re focused on building a new stage on campus that will host a variety of events. Our partnership with the student planning committee helps to coordinate logistics with architecture and other components of the project. I’ve also been seeking input from fraternity presidents on developing a new tailgating area on campus.

How was your Grand Chapter experience? Did it change how you feel about Sigma Nu?

My chapter’s commander attended College of Chapters in January and gave me an idea of what the convention would be like. I had also attended Southeastern Interfraternity Conference (SEIFC) in Atlanta earlier this year. From that experience I knew that not all chapters would be the same.  

When I was asked to serve on one of the Grand Chapter committees I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had worked with Regent Francis for Greeks on the Hill lobbying day earlier in the spring, so I had some sense of what it was like to work with staff and alumni volunteers. Once I arrived in San Diego I was able to ease right in to the committee work.

Was there anything that surprised you about attending Grand Chapter?

The amount of input collegiate members have in the process. Anyone can voice their opinion during the voting or legislative process. The Regent salutes and acknowledges anyone who wants to speak on behalf of a proposed change to our bylaws.

What were some of your highlights from Grand Chapter?

Getting to meet and talk with past Regents and realizing this was the brother who signed my membership certificate. It felt like I was meeting celebrities. I also enjoyed meeting people you hear about every single day in your local chapter – prominent alumni volunteers and brothers like them.

What has your SGA experience taught you about how fraternities can support the goals of the school?

The school administration wants to see fraternities engaged with the university. They want to see us giving back to the community and actively supporting the university’s long-term goals.

At Northwestern State there is a good relationship between the fraternities and the administration. Fraternity and sorority members are heavily involved on campus. All but one SGA exec board are members of fraternities or sororities.

Serving on SGA helps with fraternity/sorority relations. You see the issues that directly face the FSL community. Getting on SGA opens the door for other fraternities to get involved too. It expands horizons when you get them involved.

What are the major goals the school is pursuing right now?

We want to be one of the best regional universities in the entire country. Northwestern State got a new president last year and Dr. Henderson has made this push a major initiative. We know students and alumni are more willing to support the school if they have affinity for their alma mater. This idea that school spirit = love your university has been major initiative for us.

There’s also been a push to make sure the university engages the local community. Our Welcome Week program hosts events all over town to help students get adjusted to college and plugged in to the local community.

Fraternities and sororities play a major role in this effort by helping with move-in day. We open cars for students and carry bags into the dorm. We meet with the parents and tell them what we’re all about.  

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