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Sigma Nu Authors


The White House Pop-Up Book

By Chuck Fisher (Kansas)

Publisher: Commonwealth Editions; Pop Har/Bk edition

ISBN: 1938700244

The White House Pop-Up Book is the latest creation from Chuck Fischer, best-selling author of pop-up books. The White House Pop-Up Book unfolds in three dimensions to the front of the most famous residence in the world, featuring the distinctive portico on the building’s north side. Turn the pop-up around, and you can peer into eight separate rooms on two floors (the Ground Floor and the State Floor), with accurate hand-painted depictions of the legendary rooms, complete with their historic treasures. The White House Pop-Up Book also contains an envelope of extras: an illustrated booklet with a concise history of the White House, and die-cut pieces to assemble bonus elements, including a Christmas tree for the Blue Room, the famous eagle piano for the East Room, and even a model of the president's helicopter Marine One.

Reprinted from Amazon.com


Bending Your Ear: A Collection of Essays on the Issue of Our Times

By Drew Nickell (James Madison)

Publisher: Koehler Books

ISBN: 1633932907

Bending Your Ear--A Collection of Essays on the Issues of Our Times delves into the political issues facing America at a crucial moment in this country's history, where we find ourselves struggling with our national identity and the direction in which we are headed. We have been bombarded with contradictory and confusing messages by the political and media classes to the point where we have collectively lost our way, forgotten our history, and lost touch with what it actually means to be an American. We need to be reminded that "we the people" have the ability to think for ourselves, and recapture all that has made this country the greatest country the world has ever known.

Drew Nickell pulls no punches with regards to both the sociological and political states in which we find ourselves. He assesses the current events of American politics and offers solutions, at a critical time when we decide which direction we will take in the 2016 general election. Now is the time for anyone who cares deeply about America, to read what is contained in Bending Your Ear--a Collection of Essays on the Issues of Our Times.

Reprinted from Amazon.com


Full Bellies Hungry Souls

By Bennet Chotard (Mississippi)

Publisher: Xulon Press (March 31, 2016)

ISBN-10: 1498464963

"Is this all there is?" That question haunted Bennett Chotard as his life seemed to gradually come undone. "Where was this Christian promise of joy, peace, and abundance?" he wondered. As the years passed, more and more he felt his faith had no relevance, no power, no impact on his life. Full Bellies, Hungry Souls: Making Personal Contact with God, records his explosive discoveries of spiritual lessons that led him to intimacy with God. Help yourself to a heaping portion of Bennett's experience of how spiritual doors are closed and opened. They are learned not from a seminary, but his out-in-the-street combat with shedding ego, self-centeredness, power struggles, and rabbit trails of spiritual impotence. If you have ever felt something must be missing in your faith journey, Bennett believes this moment you hold in your hands is a God Thing. "Come and see!" That is what Jesus said to his shy inquisitors, and He still is saying that now, to YOU! "I have no secrets, I have no power," Bennett explains. " However, if you are willing, I will show you a path that will take you closer to the One who does, and you will not have to wonder or doubt again. YOU WILL KNOW!""

Reprinted from Amazon.com

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