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National Hazing Prevention Week Message from the Regent

Updates from Lexington

In my remarks to close the 69th Grand Chapter, I stated, “The Fraternity’s journey is our actual destination. We know, similar to life, that as an organization built for men, we are constantly progressing and moving forward. We are constantly learning new lessons and processing new ideas…without ever losing sight of our principles.” 

The beginning of my journey, like most Sigma Nu members, started upon accepting a bid. Upon doing so and completing the Ritual ceremony, I became a candidate of Sigma Nu Fraternity. At this critical juncture, a candidate’s Sigma Nu journey is largely determined by the experience created by his collegiate chapter. 

When was the last time your chapter deliberately evaluated the experience provided to candidate members? We must constantly progress and move forward using lessons learned and new ideas. This requires regular assessment of the quality and outcomes of the new member experience. 

Use the principles of our great Fraternity – Love, Honor, and Truth – to guide your evaluation. Do all components and activities align with those principles? Are all elements of the candidate education program directly connected with providing a candidate with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a Knight of the Legion of Honor? 

There is no shortage of resources to assist your chapter in this important process of assessment and improvement. Consult the Fraternity’s Anti-Hazing Initiative webpage for tools to sustain the Fraternity's 153-year commitment to a hazing-free fraternity experience. Review the Candidate Development area of the Best Practices Library for innovative and effective candidate program practices from chapters across the country.   

We must learn from our history and define our future. You determine the roadmap and path forward for your chapter, and subsequently for our great Fraternity. It begins with the tone you create at the beginning of each member’s Sigma Nu journey. How is your chapter developing ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth? What is your chapter doing to foster the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart, and character? How does your chapter lead in perpetuating lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity? 

National Hazing Prevention Week is the perfect opportunity to affirm or reconnect your chapter’s journey to our cherished principles. The journey is the destination. Where is your chapter headed?  

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as the 67th Regent of Sigma Nu Fraternity. 


Timothy C. Huffmyer (Michigan State) 


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