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5 Questions with Chapter Advisor of the Year Craig Frazier 

Why did you choose to join Sigma Nu? 

I had a brother-in-law, a cousin, and a family friend who were Sigma Nus at Oklahoma State. However, what impressed me about the chapter was the caliber of the members, officers, and the other guys being recruited. The chapter’s senior class was a significant influence. They were an example of the chapter's strength and what I could become if I joined. 

What do you value most from your experience and membership? 

I value having learned the importance of teamwork- many different players bringing a variety of skill sets contributing to the good of the whole. I also value that Sigma Nu continues to remain steadfast in its Mission. I'm increasingly convinced that fraternities are impactful for young men to receive opportunities for personal growth. I also appreciate the friendships and memories forged during my college days and am grateful to have had that opportunity. 

You are an initiate of Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at Oklahoma State University. How did you get involved with the Gamma Beta Chapter at Northwestern University? 

Former staff expansion consultant Spencer Montgomery (South Florida) reached out to Sigma Nu alumni in the Chicago area during the re-establishment of Gamma Beta Chapter. Spencer sought to assemble an Alumni Advisory Board for the chapter, and I was fortunate to be invited to participate. The Gamma Beta alumni- both on the board and in general- have been very welcoming to me and alumni from other chapters serving on the board. The board has worked to provide unique points of view that have been valuable in guiding the collegiate chapter and officers. 

What advice would you have for an alumnus looking to connect with a local chapter that may not be their own? 

If you have passion and bandwidth, take the leap, and reach out! The worst that can happen is "not at this time." However, I imagine that many chapters would welcome alumni volunteers. There are many ways to be involved- serve on the board, LEAD facilitation, and philanthropy events. It doesn’t have to be a huge burden, and you will get out as much, if not more than, what you put into the experience. 

What advice do you have for new advisors? 

Get to know the chapter as well as the campus community. Every chapter is a little bit different. You must meet the members where they are, not where your chapter was, is, or should have been. Also, you are going to encounter officers who are uninterested or unavailable, be persistent. Finally, be present. Attend chapter meetings and philanthropy events. Find ways to engage and develop relationships. Volunteering is a labor of love for sure. But, having established, meaningful relationships will help you and your chapter work through its most significant challenges. 

Want to hear more about Craig’s experience and advice for volunteers? For the full interview, you can listen and subscribe to the Fraternity’s official podcast, The Gavel Podcast, available on your favorite podcast streaming platform.  

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