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Top 10 Action Items to Finish 2020-2021 Strong

Throughout conflicts, pandemics, and natural disasters, Sigma Nu has persevered due to the strength of its Brotherhood and unwavering commitment to the Fraternity’s mission.

The achievement of that mission has always been due in large measure to the outstanding effort put forward by each collegiate chapter, every day. It is by the leadership of collegiate officers and volunteers, such as yourself, that Sigma Nu will continue to protect, strengthen, and advance the mission and principles of our great Fraternity.

Chapter and alumni leaders throughout the country have met the challenge of the past 12 months. There have been numerous stories of chapter grit and perseverance and chapter innovation. Few times in history has the strength of our Fraternity ever been more obvious and inspiring.

As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 academic year, let us finish strong what we started back at the beginning of Fall 2020 with a renewed commitment to ensure the Fraternity, and each chapter emerges in a position of strength post-pandemic.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Things To Finish 2020-2021 Strong:

  1. Review chapter finances – Continued wise financial decisions are an essential component of a chapter emerging in a position of strength post-pandemic. Review the Fraternity’s Spring 2021 Chapter Finances Memo for information on the Fraternity’s financial assessments and guidance on reviewing and adjusting the chapter budget.
  2. Begin preparing the Pursuit of Excellence Self-Assessment Booklet – There are two versions of the Pursuit of Excellence Program (PEP) evaluation guidelines and Self-Assessment Booklets – one version for chapters that operated in-person for 2020-2021 and one for chapters that operated virtually for any portion of 2020-2021. The deadline to submit the Self-Assessment Booklet is April 30th. If you are not sure which version applies to your chapter, contact your Leadership Consultant.
  3. Keep candidates engaged – It is critical to continue keeping your candidates engaged and informed. Hold weekly virtual meetings with the candidate class to check-in and share chapter updates. Encourage Big Brothers to do regular check-ins with their Little Brother. Continue their candidate education program using a virtual meeting platform, where necessary. If an in-person candidate or initiation Ritual ceremony is not feasible, submit a request to conduct a virtual Ritual ceremony.
  4. Keep brothers engaged – Like candidates, the chapter needs to keep brothers engaged. Incoming Juniors and Seniors will be needed more than ever to lead the chapter considering incoming Sophomores will have only experienced a virtual or modified fraternity experience. Continue holding weekly meetings to check-in with everyone, provide officer reports, and discuss chapter business. Consult the Virtual Meetings resource for tips on leading effective online meetings, if local restrictions continue necessitating holding meetings virtually. If your chapter needs a Zoom account with no meeting time limit, 300 participant maximum, and meeting recording functionality, submit a request for a free Zoom Premium Account.
  5. Keep your alumni engaged – When was the last time you spoke with your alumni advisor? Have you shared an update with your general alumni about the state of the chapter? They want to hear from you to know how the chapter is doing. Check out the Fraternity’s Alumni Development resources for guidance and tools on effectively communicating and engaging alumni members.
  6. Participate in Founders’ Month of Service – April is the Founders’ Month of Service. Social distancing does not mean the Helping Hand cannot still be extended. The Fraternity’s Service and Philanthropy resources have a plethora of ideas on how to engage in philanthropy and community service during the pandemic.
  7. Support your graduating members –Think of ways the chapter can celebrate and provide a capstone experience for graduating members in compliance with local and host institution restrictions. Virtual Brotherhood Event Ideas may be a good starting point to review. Also, make sure your graduating members are taking advantage of the Sigma Nu Mentor Network.
  8. Submit nominations for Fraternity awards – The Fraternity annually recognizes the outstanding achievements of chapters and individuals. The deadline for nominations is April 30th. Check out the Fraternity Awards resource for additional information.
  9. Encourage GreekLifeEdu completion – This program provides essential education on the important topics of alcohol misuse, sexual misconduct, and hazing. Make sure to get all members who have not yet completed the program to do so by May 1st to ensure the chapter qualifies for the lowest eligible risk management assessment rate. Check out our GreekLifeEdu webpage for additional information.
  10. Plan for the Future – Now is the time to start planning for how 2021-2022 will look different.
    1. How might you use your committee this summer to develop a picture of how chapter operations will be different next year?
    2. What role do you need to play over the next few months to prepare the chapter for what the budget and calendar outlook for next academic year will be?
    3. What conversations should you be having with your fellow officers about how chapter operations and variable expenditures will look for next year in anticipation of being able to bring back some elements of pre-pandemic operations, continuing anything from this past year (virtual or smaller group activities), and creating new activities to replace or supplement pre- and mid-pandemic operations?
    4. What role should you play in helping the chapter ease into the new normal – keeping the good, eliminating the bad, improving the acceptable, and helping brothers transition safely and effectively to in-person activities?

The General Fraternity remains committed to supporting you in successfully leading your chapter. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Leadership Consultant, or any member of our staff team, with questions and support needs.

Remember, now is the set up the chapter for success in 2021-2022 by leading your chapter in finishing this academic term strong. We have no doubt you will answer the call with Love, Honor, and Truth.

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