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Pursuit of Excellence Show Cause Status

What is PEP Show Cause?

“Excelling with Honor” – Vision of Sigma Nu Fraternity

That simple statement dictates and governs everything that Sigma Nu does and aspires to on a daily basis. A part of achieving that vision for Sigma Nu lays within the Pursuit of Excellence Program. This program allows every chapter to self-report what they have accomplished and achieved over the past academic year. The General Fraternity then utilizes the chapter’s assessment team (Chapter Advisor, Greek Advisor, AAB Chairman, Division Commanders, Leadership Consultant) to provide ratings and feedback for the chapter based on the 10 subcategories defined within Pursuit of Excellence. In our continual effort to ensure that every Sigma Nu chapter is meeting the minimum expectations of the Fraternity as defined by the Grand Chapter and moreover, striving to meets it long-term obligation to excellence, the Pursuit of Excellence Show Cause program was developed.

Pursuit of Excellence Show Cause is an intensive year-long program with specific support from General Fraternity staff to guide an underperforming chapter to “Acceptable” performance levels in all Pursuit of Excellence subcategories.

How does a chapter get on PEP Show Cause status?

“There is no honor in mediocrity.” – Robert Durham

Following the evaluation process, any chapter found deficient (beneath a rating of “Acceptable) in five or more subcategories (out of a total of 10 subcategories) will be placed on PEP Show Cause status.

What is included in the PEP Show Cause program?

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits the bottom.” – General George S. Patton

After being placed on PEP Show Cause status the chapter officers and advisors will have a conference call with a staff member who will fully explain the program for upcoming academic year’s requirements.

    • Completion of the PEP Strategy Session and submission of a written strategic plan for the upcoming academic year by September 30.
    • Submission of “Subcategory Components” by October 30.
      • These are written programs and plans to address the specific subcategories the chapter was found to be deficient in. Ex. Candidate Program, Academic Plan, Bylaws, Budget, etc.
    • Meeting with certain staff members during College of Chapters to discuss the chapter’s progress and plans for the spring term.
    • Submission of the Pursuit of Excellence Chapter Self-Assessment Booklet by April 30.
    • For the duration that the chapter is on PEP Show Cause status they are prohibited from hosting, co-hosting, participating, or sponsoring events with alcohol.

Is PEP Show Cause status going to shut down my chapter?

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent van Gogh

That entirely depends upon the chapter. A chapter that fails to evidence sufficient improvement in their deficient areas (and of course doesn’t become deficient in new areas) could go before the High Council for charter level consideration.

However, that is not the intended purpose of this program. PEP Show Cause is designed to improve chapters and set them up for future success. The level of staff attention and designated steps along the way are intended to guide the chapter to a place where they can springboard to excellence. And experience shows that this program works when the chapter buys-in and takes advantage of the extraordinary level of support offered through this process.

But with all things, if a chapter fails to put in their own effort and work to improve then they will ultimately fall short of the intended outcome.

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