Upcoming LEAD Assessment: February 2014
POSTED: 2014-01-14 :: LAST UPDATED: 2014-01-14, 02:10 ET

This February, Sigma Nu will be conducting a Fraternity-wide survey on the leadership development of our members and the implementation and benefits of our LEAD Program. Results of that survey will be used to help strengthen the Fraternityís educational programs.

Since the inception of the LEAD Program, the Fraternity has recognized the value of conducting independent, scientific evaluation of the program to determine whether it is accomplishing its intended purpose. Measuring the strengths and weaknesses of the LEAD Program helps to drive curriculum development; the results of the survey are used to promote enthusiasm and support for LEAD among members and non-members. Independent research also provides credibility and builds academic respect for the program.

Every chapterís participation in this survey is essential to the evaluation of the LEAD Programís effectiveness, and it is imperative that all undergraduates participate. Regardless of a chapterís or individualís degree of involvement with the LEAD Program, it is important for every undergraduate to participate. The assessment survey will be sent out on February 4, 2014, by email directly from George Mason Universityís Center for the Advancement of Public Health, health@gmu.edu.

Upon completing the survey, individuals will be able to enter to win an iPad mini with Retina display. Individuals will also be able to give their chapter credit by completing the survey. Chapters that have 90% of their members respond will be eligible to win a flat screen television. Please be on the lookout for this survey and encourage all your members to participate.

Learn more about past LEAD assessments here.

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