2010-2011 Pursuit of Excellence Submissions Due April 30
POSTED: 2011-03-23 :: LAST UPDATED: 2011-03-23, 15:30 ET

This year's Pursuit of Excellence documentation is due no later than April 30. Each chapter will complete and submit a Chapter Self-Assessment Booklet. To assist your chapter in completing this year's submission, please review the Self-Assessment Guide. The Self-Assessment Guide is a resource explaining the updated Pursuit of Excellence Program as well as the process chapters should use in completing their annual submission. The guide covers the following:

  • An Overview of the Pursuit of Excellence Program;
  • The Chapter Self-Assessment Session – an All Chapter LEAD style workshop designed to involve the entire chapter in the assessment process;
  • Chapter Self-Assessment Booklet Instructions – step-by-step instructions for gathering or creating supporting documentation and completing the chapter's formal submission.

As you will note in reviewing the Self-Assessment Guide and other online resources, several changes and improvements to the Pursuit of Excellence Program were made by the 63rd Grand Chapter. Of note are the following:

  • A move from six standard areas to three;
  • The combination of the Pursuit of Excellence and Rock Chapter recognition programs;
  • A focus on driving chapters to achieve excellence as opposed to simply amassing points;
  • The alignment of program standards with the Mission and Vision of the Fraternity;
  • The inclusion of a strategy session to engage the entire chapter in a dialogue on the chapter's current reality, ideal future state and the means to connect the two;
  • The inclusion of a self-assessment session to engage the entire chapter in a dialogue on the chapter's current reality and performance over the past year.

To be successful in implementing this revised program, it is imperative that chapters utilize their advisors – Chapter, Greek, Division Commander and Leadership Consultant – to identify progress made throughout the year, via the Chapter Self-Assessment Session.

Upon receipt of this memorandum it is suggested that each chapter set aside time to host its Self-Assessment Session. Doing so will ensure that the chapter has ample time to complete their formal submission booklet, gather or create any additional supporting documents and make their final submission by April 30. Submissions may be made either via e-mail to pep@sigmanu.org (PREFERRED) or in hardcopy to the General Fraternity.

The Chapter Self-Assessment Booklet is available for download from the Fraternity's web site at:

Additional resources to assist the chapter in completing their Self-Assessment Booklet are also available on this page, as well as on the Pursuit of Excellence Program resources page. The resources page also includes:

  • Pursuit of Excellence Program Summary;
  • An Overview of the Program and Frequently Asked Questions;
  • Evaluation Guidelines – an objective measurement to be utilized by the Fraternity in reviewing individual chapter submissions;
  • Individual Standards and Criteria for Excellence for each of the ten subcategories;
  • Self-Assessment Guide;
  • Two (2) new All Chapter LEAD Sessions that provide facilitator guidance notes for the strategy and chapter self-assessment sessions (Module B, Sessions 8 and 9).

Further, it is important for chapters to be aware that solicitations for feedback will be made of the assessment team later this month. Members of the assessment team – Chapter Advisors/Alumni Advisory Board Chairmen, Campus Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, Division Commanders and Leadership Consultants – will be asked to complete a brief assessment of the chapters they work with relative to the criteria for excellence. The request to complete that assessment will come from our office and will be completed electronically. Chapters will not be negatively impacted by unresponsive assessment team members.

Failure to submit documentation by April 30 will result in a suspension of the chapter. This suspension will prohibit the chapter from hosting, co-hosting, sponsoring or participating in any events with alcohol. If after a period of six months the chapter has still not submitted documentation, all activities of the chapter will be suspended. In addition, chapters receiving an achievement level below “acceptable” in a subcategory must submit an improvement plan for that area to the General Fraternity.

All submissions for the 2010-2011 academic year are due no later than April 30, 2011.

Should you have any questions regarding the Self-Assessment Guide , Chapter Self-Assessment Booklet or the structure of the revised Pursuit of Excellence Program, please contact our office.

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