General Fraternity Unveils New Recruitment Resources
POSTED: 2008-08-19 :: LAST UPDATED: 2008-08-20, 09:00 ET

"Recruitment is the lifeblood of our Fraternity; as an international Fraternity we should be the top recruiters--in both quality AND quantity--at every campus where we have a chapter," urged Director of Recruitment Jacob Welshans (Indiana) at the 63rd Grand Chapter. And, recognizing the General Fraternity can be of great assistance to local chapters in that pursuit, the Expansion and Recruitment team at Sigma Nu Headquarters has tackled that challenge and recently launched several revolutionary recruitment resources to help transform your chapter members into expert recruiters.

New Prospective Member Web Site: Become a Sigma Nu is a new recruitment web site where our chapters can send potential recruits to find more information about Sigma Nu. It can be difficult to keep a local web site up-to-date; with this new resource, you always have a professional, interactive, up-to-date web site that you can publish on your local site for advertising and also direct prospective members to more information.

Getting Alumni Involved Also contained within this new web site is a Membership Referral Page, where alumni and others can refer potential recruits by filling out an online form. This form requests information like the name and contact information of the person making the referral and the student being referred, year in school and the reasons the alumnus believes this young man would be suitable for membership in Sigma Nu Fraternity.

If you know someone attending an institution with a Sigma Nu chapter or colony, follow the Membership Referral link and send his information to the local Sigma Nu Chapter!

The Recruitment Bluebook

Sigma Nu's Recruitment Bluebook is a step-by-step instruction manual on how to create a values-based, year-round recruitment plan. Until now, VBR and the Recruitment Chairman's manual have been entirely theory-based. The Bluebook is the next phase in VBR it is the "nuts and bolts" or the "how to" of recruitment.

"In fact, we believe the Recruitment Bluebook will revolutionize the way our chapters recruit," said Jacob Welshans, Director of Recruitment.

On every campus, increased competition and a changing student environment are causing our chapters to struggle with recruitment. These new resources will help our chapters meet those challenges, develop confidence and gain a competitive advantage over other student groups.

If you would like to offer feedback on these resources and/or ask any questions regarding recruitment practices within your chapter, please contact Jacob Welshans at

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