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Jay Pitts at 2006 Grand ChapterDear Brothers and Friends,

As your Regent, it gives me great pleasure to share with you the reports that follow which evidence the exceptional work of your Fraternity during the 2006-2007 academic and fiscal year.

I know you are as proud as I am that our beloved Fraternity remains operationally sound and dedicated to our honorable Mission:

To develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor and Truth.
To foster the personal growth of each man's mind, heart and character.
To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity.

We made great progress toward our Strategic Imperatives during the 2006-2007 year. This progress was made possible by the visionary leadership and hard work of our volunteer leaders, the dedication and elbow grease of thousands of collegiate members, the generosity of thousands of donors to our Foundation and the daily dedication and skill of our staff team. To every single one of you…Thank you! You are making a positive difference!

I particularly want to thank the alumni members of our High Council who so selflessly serve Sigma Nu: Regent-Elect Joe Gilman (Morehead State), Grand Treasurer Tim Huffmyer (Michigan State) and Vice Regents Robert Durham (Georgia), Tim Huerta (Cal. State/Los Angeles), Wil Long (Arkansas) and Tony Marable (Austin Peay).

Because our Mission is continuous, there is always more work to be done and important milestones to be met. We need the involvement and support of every one of our living Brothers if we are to fully realize our potential and fully expand our Legacy of Honor. If you are not currently involved, I urge you to consider how you can become involved once again. For those already engaged, I urge you to maintain your commitment to our great Fraternity and honorable purpose.

I look forward to sharing with you a report on our additional significant accomplishments at the 63rd Grand Chapter in Austin, Texas…next July 11-16th. I hope to see you there.

Fraternally and Sincerely,

John R. "Jay" Pitts

The Fraternity's Strategic Plan is derived from its Mission and Vision, which are based on the founding principles and Ritual of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

It is this calling, derived directly from the timeless Ritual written by our Founders more than 135 years ago, that tells us why The Legion of Honor exists and why it has flourished over the years. In the end, the earnest pursuit of our Mission is the real secret to our success and our longevity.

In order to accurately define the steps necessary to continue to achieve our Mission and Vision, the High Council established four statements in 2004 to define an Envisioned Future for Sigma Nu that will ensure the Fraternity's continued relevancy and success for decades to come:

LEADERSHIP IN ACTION - Sigma Nu transforms society through the commitment of its members to the Fraternity's founding principles, leadership and ethical living.

EXCELLENCE - Sigma Nu's organizational structures and internal operations provide for the effective deployment of resources to deliver an unmatched level of service to its constituents.

GROWTH - Sigma Nu is continually increasing its membership and capabilities as it creates and capitalizes on new markets and opportunities that support the Fraternity's mission.

MEMBERSHIP VALUE - Sigma Nu enhances the experience of its members and builds a sense of community in a way that generates a desire to invest time, talent and treasure in the development of both the organization and its future members, which is recognized by all as a contribution to the greater good.

These statements provide the foundation for our ten Strategic Imperatives that describe the conditions necessary to achieve our Envisioned Future. Each Strategic Imperative has corresponding Strategic Goals that move us, step-by-step, toward the fulfillment of our Vision and Mission. Annually, the High Council reviews progress made toward our Strategic Goals and updates the Strategic Plan accordingly.

All that we do and every decision we make is evaluated in the context of our Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. The purpose of this annual report is to inform our members of the progress made during the 2006-2007 year.

Alumni and Volunteers Imperative

Sigma Nu shall identify and engage alumni and friends through a value proposition to support the success of chapters, develop and perpetuate Fraternity leadership and increase the value of lifetime membership.

The High Council has made the Alumni and Volunteers Imperative and its Strategic Goals the Fraternity's highest priority for the current biennium. This is no surprise when you consider how strong alumni involvement supports our Mission:

  • Steady alumni advisory support is arguably the single most important factor in the long-term success of a collegiate chapter.
  • Alumni membership that offers significant value will lead to continued perpetuation of "lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity."
  • The Fraternity must maintain exceptional alumni leadership at all levels.
  • Membership referrals of high-quality young men from alumni, both legacy and non-legacy, are integral to the continued growth of collegiate chapters.
  • Financial support of alumni via the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation is vital to the success of the Fraternity's educational and leadership development programs and as a means of keeping Fraternity membership costs affordable and competitive.

Even as the Fraternity continued to pursue and progress toward its earlier aggressive alumni development goals at the start of the biennium, the High Council appointed an Ad Hoc Committee to review these goals and make recommendations to the Council on the future of the Fraternity's alumni involvement programs (see story in the summer 2007 issue of The Delta). In May 2007, the Council integrated the Committee's recommendations in the revised Alumni and Volunteers Strategic Goals.

Alumni Advisory Boards

To support and share the work done by the Fraternity's traditional Chapter Advisors, the Fraternity's goal is to have a group of alumni advisors, called an Alumni Advisory Board, in place for every collegiate chapter by May 2010. As of June 2007, there were 57 boards in place with 25 of them established in the last year. This represents a growth of 40% over the previous year and is 32% of the 2010 goal.

Growth of Alumni Volunteers

In 2006-2007, the number of alumni volunteers grew by 40% as we gained 284 new volunteers. Currently, there are more than 1000 alumni and volunteers serving our collegiate chapters in specific capacities. Of this number, about 17% work with chapters other than their own chapter of initiation. Currently, 95% of Chapter Advisor positions are filled and 86% of Division Commander positions are filled.

Alumni Clubs & Chapters

Our goal is to have fully functioning alumni clubs in each of the top 25 Sigma Nu-populated metropolitan areas by the end of 2008. Currently, twelve of our 19 alumni clubs are located in one of these areas. This is 48% of our goal. In 2006-2007, the number of active alumni chapters grew by 52% from 48 to the current number of 73.

Grand Chapter Attendance

The Fraternity's goal is to have 250 alumni in attendance at the 2008 Grand Chapter in Austin, Texas and 500 alumni in attendance at the 2010 Grand Chapter. More than 140 alumni participated in the 2006 Grand Chapter, representing a 47% increase over alumni attendance at the 2004 Grand Chapter.

General Fraternity Leadership

To ensure exceptional alumni leadership for Sigma Nu in years to come, the current High Council is deliberately identifying and engaging potential future General Fraternity leaders.

New Alumni Involvement Undertakings

Based on the Committee's recommendations, the Fraternity is also pursuing these new goals:

  • The Fraternity will implement new, consistent means of communicating with and informing alumni with information regarding their own chapter and the status of the General Fraternity.
  • By February 2008, the Fraternity will complete a study, including a survey and segmentation of its alumni base, to determine the feasibility of starting a new alumni association or similar entity.
  • By June 2008, the Fraternity will work with local alumni leaders in five regions to implement "national recruitment days" in those regions for the purpose of supporting the recruitment efforts of collegiate chapters.

Excellence Through Education Imperative

Sigma Nu will assist its chapters in achieving organizational excellence and its members in achieving personal growth.

The Excellence Through Education Imperative is the Fraternity's second-highest priority as determined by the High Council. It is within the educational and development programs and services provided under this Imperative that much of the Fraternity's Mission for collegiate members is achieved. Here, the Mind, Heart and Character are developed. Here, budding leaders have the opportunity to become ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor and Truth. And here, brotherhood relationships that will last a lifetime are forged.

Programs and Evaluation

The Fraternity's primary educational, development and assessment programs are:

Annual evaluation components are in place for all of these programs. Evaluation results are used by the High Council and Fraternity staff to improve existing programs and develop new ones. In spring 2007, the Fraternity undertook the first independent evaluation of its most significant education and development program, The LEAD Program.

Collegiate Officer Training & Transition

Officer Training Manuals, the Officer Transition LEAD Session, the Educational Leadership Consultant Visitation Program, Alumni Advisory Boards and Regional Sigma Nu Institutes are the primary programs offered for officer training and transition. Programs offered at Grand Chapter and the College of Chapters are secondary components.

Ethical Leadership Development – Sigma Nu's LEAD Program

Almost 20 years ago Sigma Nu set a new standard for the development and education of college students outside of the classroom when it introduced its multi-phased ethical leadership development program – LEAD – an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement and Development. Today, the LEAD Program remains unique among similar programs offered by collegiate student organizations as found by a recent independent review of such programs. Sigma Nu's program is unique in two critical ways: a) it is based on the assumption that all participants have ethical leadership potential and capability; and, b) it seeks to develop that potential and capability among collegiate members within the framework of the Fraternity's principles of Love, Honor and Truth. These unique characteristics provide collegiate chapters and members with a competitive advantage over similar programs while continuing to deliver significant membership value.

A thorough analysis of implementation, results and plans for the future of the program is available in the 2007 LEAD Program Annual Report. A few highlights from this report include:

  • A 2006 survey of collegiate chapter officers found that over 95% of collegiate chapters are implementing one or more Phases of the LEAD Program.
  • In the same survey, 90% of respondents said that the LEAD Program is effective at developing leadership skills; 93% said they would recommend the program to another Brother; 80% reported that their chapter used the LEAD Program in recruiting new members; 79% reported that the program is helpful to their chapter.
  • The Fraternity conducted 14 regional LEAD Institutes in spring 2007, with more than 230 collegiate members attending to learn new skills for implementing the program in their own chapters.
  • The Phase I curriculum was overhauled and improved for fall 2007 implementation.
  • The entire program curriculum is being reviewed for the addition of new components, including the use of new media such as online interactive sessions, streaming video and podcasting. The revised curriculum will be presented at the 2008 Grand Chapter. The last complete curriculum review and overhaul was completed in 1998-1999.

Developing Servant Leaders

As our Brothers seek to "serve in the Light of Truth," community service and philanthropic activities have long been a priority for our collegiate members and chapters. Sigma Nu introduced the Helping Hand Initiative and Founders' Week of Service three years ago as a means of offering additional opportunities for the development of servant leaders. Participating collegiate chapters have the opportunity to support one of four Helping Hand partner organizations (Habitat for Humanity, Character Counts, St. Jude Children's Hospital and the College Charity Bowl Foundation) or a charitable organization of their choice. Since inception, dozens of Sigma Nu collegiate chapters and hundreds of members have raised more than $435,000 and provided more than 2200 hours of community service time. Participation is strictly voluntary but participants are encouraged to plan specific events and activities during the annual Founders' Week of Service in early April.

Chapter Evaluation and Awards

Annually, the Fraternity evaluates the performance of collegiate chapters and offers an extensive awards program to recognize those chapters that excel overall or in specific operational areas.

Chapter performance and measurement against basic operational standards are primarily measured by the Educational Leadership Consultation Program and the Pursuit of Excellence Program. Results of both programs over time continue to indicate excellent and/or improving implementation and results.

The Pursuit of Excellence Program was established by the Grand Chapter in 2002 and is a point-based program in which collegiate chapters measure their operational performance against basic standards. Collegiate chapters must attain a pre-determined point total in order to remain in good standing. Average point accumulation in the program has increased each year since inception with fewer chapters each year failing to attain the minimum point total. Chapters achieving exceptional point totals are recognized with annual Pursuit of Excellence Awards.

In order to encourage even greater organizational excellence, the Fraternity has established a goal that 85% of collegiate chapters will earn at least 85% of available Pursuit of Excellence points, a date for achievement of this goal will be determined by the High Council. In the 2006-2007 year, approximately 40% of participating chapters have achieved this mark.

The Pursuit of Excellence Program will be reviewed this year by an Ad Hoc Committee which will report to the 2008 Grand Chapter. The committee will review the potential need for an online submission process, future point totals and current response to those collegiate chapters failing to report or not achieving the minimum point total.

In addition to the Pursuit of Excellence Program, the Fraternity's Educational Leadership Consultation Program provides an annual opportunity for a member of the Fraternity's staff to consult on-site with collegiate chapters on how to improve their operations and educational programs. In the current academic year, almost all collegiate chapters will receive two such consultations.

Annually, the Fraternity provides collegiate chapter officers with a variety of reports regarding the status of the chapter and including information on support resources available.

Scholastic Performance

Sigma Nu's Mission is about excellence outside and inside the classroom. Based on the latest data available (2006), Sigma Nu continues to be one of the top-performing men's Greek organizations with more than 55% of collegiate chapters exceeding the all-men's grade point average on their respective campuses and all collegiate chapters attaining an unweighted average GPA of 2.861.

The Fraternity's bold new goal for scholastic performance is for 85% of all collegiate chapters to meet or exceed the all-men's grade point average on their respective campuses. A date for achieving this goal will be determined by the High Council.

Anti-Hazing Imperative

Sigma Nu will militate against hazing and those who may perpetuate, enable or tolerate hazing within its own ranks and will lead the Greek realm in its efforts to do the same.

A Comprehensive Anti-Hazing Program

As the only Greek-letter fraternity founded in direct opposition to hazing, it is no surprise that Sigma Nu continues to lead the way in the ongoing fight against the dehumanizing practice of hazing.

In 2005, the Fraternity introduced its latest Anti-Hazing Campaign, "A Fraternity of Men, Not Boys." That campaign continues today and includes prevention education programs for collegiate members, hazing alternatives, appropriate disciplinary responses to incidents of hazing, ongoing communication and awareness efforts, support of the anti-hazing efforts of other organizations and institutions, new methods to encourage the reporting of hazing and sponsorship of important new hazing prevention programs and hazing research.

In 2008, the Fraternity will release a set of "Anti-Hazing Best Practices" as a supplement to Phase I of the LEAD Program for use by collegiate chapters. The Fraternity will once again provide premier sponsorship of the National Hazing Prevention Week and Hazing Symposium, both annual events.

Appropriate Disciplinary Action

In every instance of confirmed hazing, the Fraternity has taken an appropriate disciplinary response and, whenever possible, has included consultation with the host institution and alumni leadership. When appropriate, such disciplinary action has been communicated to various internal and external audiences.

Supporting Community Efforts for Hazing Prevention & Response

The Fraternity will continue its efforts to call upon the Greek and higher education communities locally and internationally to intensify their efforts to prevent hazing and respond firmly to incidents of hazing. The Fraternity regularly shares information regarding its anti-hazing work with interfraternal colleagues and higher education officials as a means of encouraging them to review and strengthen their own efforts.

Recruitment Imperative

Sigma Nu will consistently increase its membership through an innovative, values-based recruitment program that attracts individuals willing to commit to our founding principles.

Values-Based Recruitment

Among more than 69 national and international men's Greek-letter fraternities, Sigma Nu remains one of the largest in terms of total initiated members and total collegiate chapters. However, as the number of student organizations on college campuses continues to grow, Sigma Nu must work aggressively to identify, recruit and initiate the highest quality young men for The Legion of Honor. In 2001, Sigma Nu created its Values-Based Recruitment program to focus collegiate chapter recruitment practices on the organization's principles and Mission and to provide practical recruitment training skills for collegiate members. This philosophy is supported by an analytical marketing approach that identifies target audiences and promotes recruitment – instead of "rushing" – of potential new members year-round – not just during brief, defined periods.

The Fraternity continues to devote significant resources to provide specialized recruitment training and support for collegiate members, including regional Sigma Nu Institutes and training provided during Educational Consultations. Participation in regional Recruitment Institutes grew by 58% in 2007. In a 2006 Grand Chapter survey, 71% of responding collegiate chapters reported that their chapter uses components of the Values-Based Recruitment Program.

Membership Growth

The Fraternity recently established an aggressive goal to grow the number of new members pledged and initiated by 10% annually, beginning in the 2008-2009 year. The number of new men pledged in 2006-2007 grew by 2%. Sigma Nu continues to maintain one of the highest rates of retention from pledging to initiation with an annual retention rate for the last several years hovering just below or above 90%.

In addition to the Values-Based Recruitment Program, last year the Fraternity announced the "10% Challenge," a new program offering additional resources and incentives to give collegiate members more ownership of the Fraternity's membership growth goal. The campaign has raised awareness of the membership growth goal and the need for such growth and is designed to motivate collegiate chapters to be intentional about the number of men they pledge and initiate.

As previously noted, the Fraternity's alumni base has an important role to play in recruitment as well. In addition to sponsoring five national recruitment days – to be organized and driven by alumni on a regional basis – in 2008, the Fraternity has established a goal for every chapter to have an alumnus recruitment advisor by June 2008.

Operations Imperative

Sigma Nu will ensure that the necessary structures, systems and resources are available to support and fund the operation of the Fraternity.

Aggressive, proactive management and stewardship of its limited financial resources is absolutely essential to the Fraternity's success in pursuing its Mission. Likewise, the Fraternity's technology infrastructure must support the growing demands of the digital age and meet the changing expectations of its members.

Currently the Fraternity receives over 75% of its revenue directly from our undergraduate members through dues, fees and risk management assessments. Excluding revenues related to conclaves and extraordinary items, the Fraternity's sources of revenue break down as follows:

Sources of Revenue

The Fraternity recognizes that to fund ongoing operations and to expand the programs and services we offer, we must look to growing our non-traditional sources of revenue. These non-traditional sources of revenue include royalties, advertising, sponsorships and educational grants. In addition, the growth and expansion into new lines of business in the Fraternity's real estate subsidiary, Fifth Point Properties, LLC, will contribute greatly to future growth of our Fraternity. We are currently undertaking initiatives in all our non-traditional sources of revenue that we hope will provide a steady stream of revenue to the Fraternity that will assist in defraying the cost of membership to our undergraduate members.

Chapter Financial Obligations

Operations goals related to chapter finances include an effort to reduce delinquent accounts receivable by 25% per year and an incentive for chapters to pay their accounts on time. The High Council's 30/90 day operating policy provides for the suspension of chapter activities due to delinquent accounts receivable at 30 days and potential charter suspension at 90 days. Chapters must either pay the balance or establish a suitable payment plan.

Web Transactions

The Fraternity's web site has become the primary source for transactions and information exchange. All collegiate membership, officer reporting and event registration is conducted via the Fraternity's web site. Traffic to the web site continues to increase year over year with approximately 260,000 unique visitors to the site this year. The Members Area realized 10% growth this year in the number of initiates registered on the site.

Increased Income

Factoring out increases in insurance, risk management and conclave expenses and income, the Fraternity's revenue increased in 2007 by 34% or approximately $540,000 over revenues from the previous year. Approximately $305,000 is attributed to increases in number and amount of collegiate member fees and dues; approximately $57,000 is attributed to increased grant revenue from the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation; and approximately $16,000 is attributed to the assessment of new fines for risk reduction violations and fees/dues for new colony members. The Fraternity is currently projecting a 4% growth in revenue for 2008, after factoring out the cost of conclaves. Revenue related to royalties, advertising and grants is expected to grow in the coming year by approximately 60%, mainly attributable to a growth in grants from Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, Inc.

Eliminating Inefficiencies

Whenever possible, the Fraternity is driving transactions and communication with collegiate chapters and members to the web site or via e-mail, thus reducing postage and printing costs. The Fraternity currently has more than 46,000 e-mail addresses for initiates, a significant increase over last year.

New copying and mailing solutions were implemented in 2007, resulting in cost savings. In addition, the Fraternity will soon review opportunities to reduce business travel expenses including centralized travel, hotel and rental car relationships and the feasibility of fleet automobiles.

Expansion Imperative

Sigma Nu actively seeks expansion opportunities in pursuit of organizational growth and excellence.

Since its founding, Sigma Nu has been a leader among all Greek organizations in the establishment of new chapters on suitable campuses across North America. The Fraternity believes in planned expansion that meets the Fraternity's high operational expectations while allowing for aggressive new goals for the number of colonies established annually. To support both, the Fraternity has significantly increased resources given to this area of its work.

Expansion Methodology

The Fraternity has developed, and updates quarterly, a five-year expansion calendar that identifies confirmed expansion sites or desired/anticipated sites over that period of time. Considered factors include: other Greek organization chapters on campus, average chapter size on campus, experience of other recent fraternity colonizations, culture of current Greek community relative to risk management issues, financial and other support from alumni of that chapter in that area and support from the host institution. It is not unusual for a colonization to be in the planning stages for two or more years before a single student is recruited.

The expansion methodology was designed, in part, based on staff experience with colonies that did not succeed. The factors mentioned above are those, without which, a colony will often struggle to succeed. Although no methodology can guarantee success, the current strategy is designed to achieve expansion goals and minimize expansion failures.

Ensuring Colony Success

The Fraternity will provide the resources necessary to ensure colony success and chartering within 20 months of the initial on-site colonization effort. A new expansion model was piloted at North Carolina-Chapel Hill during spring 2006. The colony received its charter in spring 2007 and was honored by the university for its successful colonization. All colonizations in 2006-2007 were implemented using this model. As of June 2007, the Fraternity had seven colonies at an average age of 8.5 months. Two colonies were chartered in 2006-2007 and it is expected that four colonies will be chartered in 2007-2008.

Measuring Success

The vision statement for the current expansion model is "Building Rock Chapters." Based on current chartering criteria, when a colony's petition for charter is approved, their operations will be functioning at a level exceeding 85% (or 93 points) in the Pursuit of Excellence Program.

The Fraternity met its goal to establish six new colonies during 2006-2007: 1) Vanderbilt recolonization; 2) Northern Illinois recoloninzation; 3) William Jewel recolonization; 4) Arkansas/Fort Smith colonization; 5) Mississippi State recolonization; and 6) Louisiana State recolonization.

The Fraternity anticipates colonizing on seven to eight campuses during 2007-2008. If successful in establishing eight new colonies, total colonizations for the biennium will be 14 – double the number established during 2004-2006.

Image Imperative

Sigma Nu will foster a perception of the Fraternity that is consistent with its identity as the Legion of Honor.

Reinforce Our Identity

In keeping with the Fraternity's vision of Excelling With Honor, issues related to the image of Sigma Nu and fraternities in general deserve concentrated attention. The Strategic Plan includes four image-related goals to foster a stronger identity consistent with The Legion of Honor. As a result of these goals the name "The Legion of Honor" is increasingly being used in Fraternity publications and in other communications.

Aggressive Marketing

Attention to the image and brand identity of Sigma Nu is the undercurrent of every marketing and communications-related activity of the Fraternity. Proactive steps to reinforce its identity as The Legion of Honor and improve the Fraternity's image include: re-design and return to regular distribution of The Delta, implementation of the new Digital Delta, strengthened vendor relationships to reduce production of unauthorized merchandise, re-designed communication and collateral materials and defined graphic and identity standards and styles.

Promoting the Benefit

Fraternity publications proactively promote the benefits of Sigma Nu membership and volunteerism. The Rock eNewsletter was published seven times in 2007 featuring several alumni and their positive experiences in the Fraternity. The Rock was also recognized in May 2007 by the College Fraternity Editors Association (CFEA) as the third best newsletter published by a Greek organization. During the 2006-2007 academic year The Delta also returned to its highest production level in several years. One issue per year will be dedicated to the annual report.

Protecting Our Identity

The Fraternity has also undertaken additional efforts to protect the image of the Fraternity by responding to chapters, members and vendors directly involved in activities that would tarnish the Fraternity's image. Specifically, the 2006 Grand Chapter adopted a resolution encouraging all chapters and members to refrain from activity that would tarnish the Fraternity's image. The High Council approved an updated Trademark and License Policy to improve enforcement capabilities and established a mini-campaign to further educate our members about proper use and protection of Fraternity marks and copyrights.

The Fraternity staff has also implemented a protocol for seeking and responding to objectionable use of the Fraternity's marks on T-shirts, the Internet and other media. Intervention by staff members resulted in the removal of approximately 500 objectionable images and more than a dozen objectionable videos from the Internet in 2007.

Real Estate Imperative

Sigma Nu will facilitate the improvement of the Fraternity's collective housing stock while developing a source of financial strength and competitive advantage for the Fraternity.

Expansion of Fifth Point Properties

Recognizing the need for increased expertise and resource-pooling in the area of real estate management, the 61st Grand Chapter authorized the formation of Fifth Point Properties, LLC. Fifth Point Properties is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fraternity focused on improving our collective real estate assets. Fifth Point Properties has grown significantly in the last year in ownership, management and services operations, including acquisitions of new properties and execution of 15 service contracts.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Imperative

Sigma Nu provides an effective education program dedicated to reducing the misuse of alcohol and other substances by its members.

Preventing Misuse of Alcohol

The Fraternity is committed to providing effective prevention education programs intended to reduce the misuse of alcohol and other substances by its members.

Sigma Nu was an early adopter of AlcoholEdu, an online prevention program, which has been made available to members since 2003. Close to 5700 members have participated with 4100 completing the program. Fifty-eight percent of collegiate members have participated and 41% have completed it. Participation results are reported annually and continue to be very positive. AlcoholEdu has become the leading alcohol misuse prevention program in higher education.

Reduced Alcohol Violations & Educational Programs

This year the Fraternity established two new goals under this Imperative. First, that fewer than 15% of chapters would have alcohol-related risk reduction violations in any given academic year. Second, that the Fraternity will take the lead in developing, advocating and promulgating efforts to address the challenge of substance abuse in chapters. The staff is currently reviewing potential opportunities including the development of new educational programs for Fraternity members.

Interfraternal Leadership Imperative

Sigma Nu members will pursue and attain positions of leadership in the Interfraternity community with the support of the Fraternity.

Pursuing Leadership Opportunities

The Fraternity has sought and held numerous leadership opportunities in the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), the Fraternity Executives Association (FEA), FIPG (risk management consortium), FRMT (captive insurance provider) and other interfraternal professional organizations for the purpose of influencing and leading the effort to build a successful future for the Greek community. Currently Howard Pickett continues to serve on the board of directors for the NIC; Brad Beacham serves on the NIC Assessment Coalition, the board of directors for FIPG (past president) and the FEA Sponsors Committee; and Steve Ratterman serves on the FRMT Underwriting Committee.

Civic & Governmental Affairs

After encouraging the NIC to undertake the development of a government relations program, Sigma Nu now plays a significant leadership role in that program. The Fraternity continues its leading role in supporting legislation in the U.S. Congress that would significantly benefit collegiate housing. In addition to joining in with other interfraternal leaders annually in Washington, D.C. to meet with legislators on this and other issues, the Fraternity continues to be one of the leading men's Greek organizations in the grassroots letter-writing campaign. During Grand Chapter 2006 and College of Chapters 2007, more than 1000 letters were generated.

Undergraduate & Alumni Leadership

While the Fraternity has only recently begun to measure the level of undergraduate and alumni involvement in positions of local interfraternal leadership, it is assumed that at any one time, dozens of Sigma Nu student and alumni members serve in such capacity.

To believe in the Life of Love,
To walk in the Way of Honor,
To serve in the Light of Truth -
This is the Life, the Way, and the Light of Sigma Nu - - -
this is the Creed of our Fraternity.

The Creed of Sigma Nu aptly characterizes our past, our present and our future. As we, The Legion of Honor, aggressively pursue our Envisioned Future, based on our Mission and Vision, we will continue to point our members and the organization back to our founding values of Love, Honor and Truth. Our Strategic Plan and its Strategic Imperatives are merely the roadmap that defines the direction we will take in order to arrive at our final destination, toward which we have always endeavored to achieve.

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