Sigma Nu Announces Newly Redesigned Web Site
POSTED: 2007-12-19 :: LAST UPDATED: 2007-12-26, 17:35 ET

Jai Patel Sigma Nu Fraternity is pleased to unveil its newly redesigned web site, still located at:

The look and feel of the new site was conceived with ease-of-use in mind and the end-goal being a creatively modern, yet professionally clean web site. Upon considering a re-design, one of the options to improve the site would have meant eliminating a significant portion of the content available to our members. "Instead, we decided to make the wealth and volume of information much easier to locate by simplifying the navigation. Ideally, we wanted to make almost everything available with just one click or, at most, two," says Jeff Feighner, Director of Marketing and Communications.

Jeff collaborated with Alsten Tauro, Director of Information Technology, to map out the redesign and create a better web site with improved functionality. At the top of every page, the three arms of Sigma Nu are represented: Fraternity, Foundation and Fifth Point Properties, to quickly link visitors to whichever entity is of greatest interest. Also, at the top of every page are a "Search this Site" button, with results driven by Google-search, and the "I want to..." bar, which provides direct links to the most popular pages. This "express lane" feature is one more way we have streamlined the site to provide access to the information you want faster.

The home page will always feature a "splash" story, represented by a banner image in the middle of the page. These feature articles will rotate on a regular basis and highlight topics of interest to all Sigma Nus. The current article, The State of the Fraternity, discusses progress-to-date on the 10 strategic imperatives of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

In addition, the three-column design of the front page is driven by AP-style headlines that fall under the topics of: Recent News, Highlights and Upcoming Events. "Timely, pertinent information that our members need to know is now available and visible on the front page of the site. When information needs to be shared immediately about a breaking story, the redesign now gives us full control over posting those updates in a timely manner," says Brad Beacham, the Fraternity's Executive Director.

In the past, the web site was hosted and maintained by an outside service provider. With the redesign, management of the site was moved in-house. One of the biggest factors in this decision was the ability to make timely updates. Alsten is the lead programmer for the site and has full control to make updates and revisions quickly.

Some additional new features of the web site include:

  • Archives of all print and electronic publications including The Rock, Foundation News Briefs, The Delta and The Digital Delta always available and accessible in one central location.
  • Improved searchability of the site, driven by Google search.
  • Improved accessibility to download documents and other resources from our new "All Downloads" page.
  • Improved undergraduate chapter listing, which allows the chapter list to be sorted and displayed by "active," "dormant" or "all" chapters, with hyperlink access to individual chapter web sites (where known).
  • The "Tell Us Your News" section of the site hasn't changed; however, with the new site design there is now a location for the Fraternity to post relevant chapter, undergraduate and alumni news. Our members have always been diligent about submitting updates; now you won't have to wait for the next issue of The Delta or another publication to read them.
  • A master Sigma Nu event calendar that can be populated with both national and regional events, including major chapter anniversaries, reunions and alumni events. Gain exposure and attendance for your event by promoting it on our web site.
  • Finally, the new site provides one-stop shopping for Sigma Nu apparel and merchandise. Most of our members don't know there are more than 150 Sigma Nu licensed vendors across the country. Now, brothers not only have access to each of these vendors through the Sigma Nu web site, but they also have the opportunity to use the functionality from to request a bid from competing vendors in order to purchase the best product available for the best price.

There are so many new attributes of the web site that, though it is still a work in progress, we didn't want to further delay its debut. As you explore the site, please do not hesitate to let us know if you run across a bug or have a great idea for something we may have missed. You can submit your feedback at the bottom of any page by simply clicking on the "Report A Bug/Feedback" link.

We hope you'll take the time to explore our new site thoroughly, and continue to check back as new pages and content will be added as they are completed.

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