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Collegiate Board Member

Position Description

We are the Rock that supports Excelling with Honor.  The SNEF secures and provides enduring resources to support the educational and charitable initiatives of Sigma Nu Fraternity.  In this effort, it is vital to consider the thoughts and experiences of each and every Sigma Nu.  This task becomes impossible without representation of the lifeblood of our great Fraternity, the undergraduate Brothers.  As a Collegiate Foundation Board member, you will be expected to actively participate in programs that enable us to support the Fraternity in a manner that is fitting to assure that Sigma Nu remains the most worthwhile college experience for any young man in the country.  You will represent the entire undergraduate population of Sigma Nu and your views will be critical to the long term success of our great Fraternity.

Position Specifics

  1. Collegiate members should attempt toraise the funds to cover their meeting expenses while on the Board.  These funds can come from alumni, parents and friends of Sigma Nu and will give the Collegiate Board member good experience in fund raising while expanding the area of influence of the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation.  In total, each collegiate member should attempt to raise $2500-$3000 to cover travel expenses for two annual board meetings.  Failure to raise the full amount will not affect your status as a board member. 
  2. The term limit for collegiate members will be one year.  However, the first Collegiate Board members will be asked to serve for a term of 18 months.
  3. The Sigma Nu Educational Foundation will collect applications through May 12, 2014.  Interviews and selections will be made by May 31st, 2014.


Download the Collegiate Board Member application.

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