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Seeking Cultural Intelligence

Letter from the Editor

As college campuses continue to serve as ground zero for hot button issues surrounding the changing landscape in American culture, preparing student leaders to facilitate thoughtful and informed discussion will only become increasingly important.

Our latest issue features a duo of stories that speak to some of these important conversations surrounding higher education and society at large. We open with a look back at two College of Chapters keynote speakers whose complementary themes urge student leaders to think about an old problem in a new way.

Shifting our attention to campus safety, our second feature story examines what the latest neuroscience research reveals about the development of the adolescent brain. Our story draws attention to a growing body of research that confirms why teens are prone to risk-taking behavior and why this tendency continues well into the 20s. With a deeper understanding of this phenomenon, stakeholders ranging from parents to policy makers can learn how to channel this tendency for novelty-seeking into more productive uses.

Rounding out our collection of feature stories is a profile chronicling one brother’s path to a unique job with a universally recognized cultural icon. As the voice of the Harlem Globetrotters, Ray Campbell (Kent State) travels with the team from city to city, igniting the crowd in every arena where they play. Among other lessons, Ray’s story offers useful guidance for thriving in a non-linear career path – work hard, be resourceful, and embrace serendipity.

Inside you’ll also find the latest dispatches from chapters and alumni around the country, along with the latest column by Grand Historian Bob McCully. We always welcome your feedback on stories we should consider for a future issue. Letters to the editor, comments, and general feedback can be sent to news@sigmanu.org.

Yours in Sigma Nu,

Nathaniel Clarkson (James Madison)

Managing Editor

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