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Sigma Nu Authors


Kentucky Fried Fiction

Author: Andrew January Grundy III (Murray State)
ISBN: 978-1-4507-6328-8
Publisher: Andrew January Grundy III

Andrew January Grundy III is a 59-year-old free-lance photojournalist living with his family on a farm in central Kentucky. This book is a collection of his written work dating from 1970 to the present. In it he explains how he became a subliminal fixture of the media after a life-changing night in 1973.

He is currently involved in several twelve-step groups and is an affiliate of the national mental health movement. His major “bragging right” is his extensive vinyl rock-n-roll album collection. He owns well over a thousand records. “I guess I have about the best rock music collection this side of the Mississippi River,” he notes.

Reprinted from back cover.

Shannon’s Gift: A Story of Love, Loss, and Recovery

Author: Nate Bennett (Tulane)
Publisher: BookLogix

In this raw, emotional memoir, Nate Bennett uses a blog to work through his grief over the sudden loss of his wife Shannon. He is surprised and comforted to discover a vast virtual community of support. His blog posts – alternately poignant and of dry wit – eventually attracted tens of thousands of hits and a following from readers who hadn’t even known the couple or their sons. This unique book gives the reader a window into the starkness of a widower’s grieving experience in real time. What comes through in virtually every post is his love for Shannon as he weaves in vignettes from their life together, chronicling their love story and his efforts to recover. And in the end, with the support of his virtual community and the strength he was able to draw from remembering Shannon’s wishes for him, he finds love again.

Reprinted from Amazon.com.

My Cancer Diary

Author: Robert Keiber (East Carolina)
ISBN: 9-780615-792149
Publisher: The Tuxedo Group

The purpose of this diary/datebook is to keep the patient involved in their recovery by greeting them each day with an encouraging quote and then helping them make notes of the vital information their doctor might need for each visit. Notes would include prescriptions, dosage, last CAT or PET scan, MRI, ex-ray, chemo or surgery. It also includes a place for things to do, appointments and questions the patient might want to ask their doctor. There is a space for daily thoughts and each day ends with a suggested meditation the patient might practice. As their health improves this journal will be a reminder of the patient’s powerful spirit and mind as well a guide for others who might have to take on the same journey.

Reprinted from Amazon.com.

Mountain Boy

Author:  Paul J.B. Murphy Jr. (Washington and Lee)
ISBN: 9-781930-119109
Publisher: Publishing Connections

In Mountain Boy, Murphy draws upon his intimate knowledge of Virginia’s history and topography. He tells the story of Jamie Nicholson, a teenaged boy born and reared in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, who becomes caught up in the government’s forced relocation of mountain families to create a national park. Written in a style that brings the reader into Jamie’s daily life, it evokes a visceral attachment to the young man as he grapples with making his way in a new culture and determination to succeed. Jamie’s story is a testament to self-reliance, the indomitable spirit of youth, and a celebration of a young man’s relationship with the one adult who cares enough to mentor him.

Reprinted from cover.

My Uncle Pat

Author:  Charles Pitcher (Mississippi)
ISBN: 978-1499554168
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

My Uncle Pat lived a rather unique and mostly bizarre life. If you found yourself in his company, you were soon attracted by his charismatic personality. He was an interesting man because of his rather different approach to all that life presented him. He was an attractive, likable misfit. This man could make you laugh and become angry, all at the same time. He was a dreamer and a schemer. When the good Lord made him, He threw the mold away. I’ve never known another like him. Perhaps his family and his heritage contributed to his uniqueness. He was born to a Mother and Father who had strong French and Irish roots. His Mother, Edna Gautier, was ahead of her time. She was a liberated woman, with business sense, a wanderlust and ample ambition to achieve her goals in life. His Father, Thomas Ross Murphy, began his adult life as a clerk in a local clothing store and because of his intelligence, ambition and drive, soon owned the store. My Uncle Pat had all these traits, but he managed to often misapply them with disastrous results. He was a comical and very peculiar man, and I loved him. I’ll do my best as a writer to relate to you all that I can remember, concerning his character, his personality and the many and varied funny situations and grandiose schemes he created for himself to deal with, in a manner that only he could envision. The totality of his life is worth the read simply because he was one of a kind and he lived his life outside the box, with great enthusiasm I might add.

Reprinted from Amazon.com.


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