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Sigma Nu Authors


Beyond the Dream

Beyond the Dream: Bandon Dunes
Author: Bruce Johnson (Oregon State)
Publisher: Johnson Street Publishing
ISBN: 9-780692-232828

Beyond the Dream is a memoir of place and time. These are the recollections of a landscape architect whose professional career spanned four decades, half of which was spent from the inception of a special destination golf resort built near Bandon, Ore., to near completion of the project. While golf development is the central theme at the resort, natural resource conservation and preservation of the genius loci of the place was pivotal in how the resort master plan was formed and built out. The writer’s insider view of the planning, permitting, facility design and construction of the resort’s infrastructure and architectural features takes the reader deeper into the past and further into the future.

Reprinted from cover.

Razz Ma Tazz

Razz Ma Tazz
Author: Stan Zabka (DePauw)
Publisher: Big Island Music, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-615-68640-0

From a Depression era home with a rich family heritage emerges a man whose music career, though interrupted by service in two wars, is seasoned to serve in the entertainment industry. His successes and failures, ups and downs, take him from obscurity to the limelight. His music and recordings still captivates millions.

“In Razz Ma Tazz, Stan Zabka gives us a glimpse into a very specialized corner of the greatest generation’s journey. Surviving the Great Depression and WWII, Stan immersed himself in the fragile fields of broadcasting popular music, and movies — seemingly all at the same time. Never a star but always a player, Stan shows us a world few have seen and adds the perspective of an ultimate insider.”

Reprinted from Amazon.com.

The Campaign Within

The Campaign Within: A Mayor’s Private Journey to Public Leadership
Author: Neil Giuliano (Arizona State)
Publisher: Magnus Books
ISBN: 978-1-936833-26-9

In The Campaign Within, Neil Giuliano shares in candid and revealing detail his long private journey from growing up a shy, self-doubting kid with a secret in an Italian-American Catholic family to making history as the first openly gay mayor of a U.S. city over 150,000 in population.

In addition to his deeply personal story, Neil takes us behind the scenes of local and national politics, including his elections and involvement with Senator John McCain’s 2000 presidential primary campaign, the anti-gay mayoral recall vote that threatened to oust him from office, co-chairing a 2004 presidential debate, his decision to leave the Republican Party as it tilted further right, becoming a Democrat, and his considering a return to public office.

Neil also chronicles his national social justice work and celebrity-filled tenure as president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and executive producer of the GLAAD Media Awards on the Bravo TV network with behind the scenes stories that surprise and inspire.

Brave and compelling, The Campaign Within demonstrates that the greatest campaigns are not the ones taking place within the public realms of electoral politics but the personal ones inside each and every one of us.

Currently CEO at San Francisco AIDS Foundation and a leadership consultant, speaker and coach, Giuliano resides in Tempe and San Francisco.

Reprinted from Amazon.com.

Solid State Radio Engineer

Solid State Radio Engineering
Authors: Herbert L. Krauss, Charles W. Bostian, Frederick H. Raab (Iowa State)
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN: 0-471-03018-x

Solid State Radio Engineering became a best seller among engineering texts, with over 31,000 copies sold. This original edition contributed to the Sigma Nu library is 32 years old. It was widely used as the introductory text for radio engineering, and virtually every practicing radio engineer had a copy. It is still available from Wiley through print on demand, and is still often cited as a basic reference on power-amplifier theory.

Solid State Radio Engineering is unique because of its broad coverage of both receiver and transmitter circuits and its illustration of theoretical concepts with numerical examples from real circuits. Design that uses practical circuit elements instead of idealized mathematical models is emphasized. The letter symbols used for semiconductor device currents and voltages conform for the most part with IEEE Standard notation.

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