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Chapter News

Chapter & Alumni News


The men of the Kappa Lambda Chapter have been very busy this semester. Halfway through the semester, the brothers have completed 268.5 community service hours. These hours were raised, in part, at their second annual Kan Jam for Kancer philanthropy event and other Greek letter organizations’ events on campus.

On October 13, 2013, Kan Jam for Kancer kicked off its second appearance at The University of Akron. Kan Jam is a game in which a pair of teammates attempt to throw Frisbees into a large rubber trashcan. Comprised of 24 competing pairs, this elimination style tournament was held in the University’s Stile Field House. The men were able to raise $1,700 from team registration and donations from local vendors and alumni in the area. Participants in the event got a t-shirt, food vouchers, and raffle tickets for prizes like gift cards to restaurants, University of Akron athletics gear, and a chance to win a 50/50 drawing. All the proceeds raised for the event were donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital along with a signed memorabilia from the men of the chapter.

The brothers took home first place in synchronized swimming at Delta Gamma’s annual Anchor Splash swimming competition, benefiting the sisters’ national philanthropies: Service for Sight and Joining Forces. As part of their candidate philanthropy project, the fall candidate class won second place at mocktails, a program promoting alternatives to alcohol. The chapter also found time to raise $468 for the Alzheimer’s Foundation and many brothers participated in a walk to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s research. Brother Michael Sabo was recently accepted into Gamma Sigma Alpha and, along with Brother Ryan Hayes, Order of Omega. Brother Jonathan Freidl was elected secretary of RHPB and Brother Tyler Yohman accepted an internship with URS Corporation.

Kappa Lambda Chapter recently hosted University of Akron Vice President of Student Success and former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel who presented a session from his award winning book The Winner’s Manual. The 30-40 people in attendance from both the Kappa Lambda and Delta Alpha Chapters hope to use the message they heard and apply it back to their specific chapter operations.

Finally, the chapter’s intramural football team was invited to participate in a football tournament at Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind.

Alabama in Huntsville

The Mu Beta Chapter won Best Homecoming Float and the homecoming week trophy for the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Lt. Commander Justin Neal was elected vice president of Order of Omega. Austin Finley has been chosen as a president’s ambassador, vice president of Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, and IFC vice president of risk reduction.

Stephen Yarbrough, Jared Waylander, Austin Finley, Dustin Kunter, Alex Case, Marshall Sommers, Judson Cummings, Paul Rowland, and Michael Maddox all participated in the UAH Leadership Education and Advising Program.


Alabama Governor Robert Bentley issued a proclamation declaring November 16 as Beta Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity Day for the chapter’s commitment to community service and developing ethical leaders.

Lt. Commander Cody Sanders recently served as a United States ambassador to the international organization Thought for Food. Brother Sanders traveled to Berlin to participate in the organization’s international gathering that was attended by representatives from 25 countries. The event was held to discuss strategies for feeding a global population of 9 billion by 2050. Following graduation, Brother Sanders will be pursing his master’s degrees in public administration and community planning. Sanders hopes to continue his involvement with Thought for Food.

Beta Theta Chapter created an award in honor of Division Commander and Grand Chaplain Maury Gaston to be presented each year to the brother who shows self-improvement through his commitment to Sigma Nu.

Birmingham Southern

Sigma Nu and Kappa Delta placed first in the homecoming week competition at Birmingham Southern on November 2. The weeklong competition featured a banner painting contest, highest participation percentage in activities, and a house decoration contest. This was the second time in four years that the chapter has placed first in the homecoming competition.

Bowling Green State

Epsilon Chi Chapter recruited 12 new candidates last fall, doubling the chapter size to 24.


The Epsilon Mu Chapter from Butler University is off to a tremendous start to the 2013-2014 school year.   At the beginning of September, the chapter planned and participated in an all-chapter fall retreat at Ransburg Scout Reservation in Bloomington, Ind. This is the second year for this event, and it continues to improve and impress. The chapter utilizes this time to promote brotherhood, implement the strategic plan for the year, and host the first LEAD sessions for each class. In appreciation for letting the chapter use the facilities, the brothers contributed approximately 140 hours of service to the camp. All in all, the retreat was a huge success and, hopefully, will translate into another prosperous year for Epsilon Mu Chapter.

California Berkeley

The Beta Psi Chapter is proud to introduce 20 new members to the brotherhood this semester, increasing the chapter’s brotherhood by 75%. In the business world, a brother recently helped win a $100,000 grant for his startup called Ekko Devices, which is developing a new stethoscope that will allow patients to record and archive heart rates. Only 10 startups won out of 500+. Recent alumni and brothers started and are continuing to develop a nonprofit organization called Consult Your Community, which gives college startups free consulting from college student consultants, giving both parties work experience in their respective fields. The expanding company now has representatives and groups at UC Berkeley, Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University and many more. The chapter is excited to see where all of the brothers will be in the years to come.

Case Western Reserve

Beta Iota Chapter was recognized in Heart of Ohio magazine for their Mike Hardy Basketball Marathon in honor of their chapter brother who entered Chapter Eternal in 1984. This year the chapter’s annual event benefitted a camp where Mike spent his summer before attending college. in previous years the chapter has raised funds for leukemia patients and an orphanage in Russia. This year, 15 teams raised close to $1,000 that helped the summer camp purchase a new pontoon boat.

Central Oklahoma

The Mu Tau Chapter at the University of Central Oklahoma is proud to announce that rush week saw an increase in manpower of over 100%. Thirty new members joined the Legion of Honor as of August 29th.

Mu Tau also had members seek office in student government.  Brother Colt Coldren serves as the vice chairman of the student congress (i.e. speaker pro tempore), Brother Eric Ogilvie serves as the secretary of the ways and means committee, Brother Dylan Morgan serves as a senator for the student congress and president of the Student Veterans of America, and Brother Chris Fry serves as the administrative assistant for the student government.

Brother Chris Fry was inducted into the Order of Omega on October 24th. He is one of fifteen Greeks at UCO joining the Order this year.


Theta Zeta won the moving division for the homecoming float display competition for the third year in a row. The chapter is looking forward to its fall philanthropy event, GameBall Run, in which it will work with the Delta Chapter from the University of South Carolina. The two chapters will run the game ball from Clemson to Columbia before the Clemson-South Carolina game to raise money for the Clemson University football coach Dabo Swinney’s All in Team Foundation.

Colorado State

The Delta Rho Chapter is pleased to announce that the chapter has recruited its largest candidate class since rechartering. The chapter took 18 candidates and won chapter of the year this spring. The chapter also had the highest number of alumni present at the alumni and parent tailgate.


Epsilon Beta Chapter won the Drury Spotlight Award for Community Service for their participation in a series of service events that included Pack a Million Meals, Shoes Against Hunger, and the Ozark Food Harvest.


Brother Brian Bost was the first Kappa Delta brother to win the honor of homecoming king. He was announced as the winner at halftime of the homecoming game on October 12th. Brother Bost has been a great contributor to the Kappa Delta Chapter as Recorder last year and the white rose ball chairman for the 2013-2014 school year. Along with his efforts in Sigma Nu, Brother Bost also served as director of freshman orientation this past summer.


Mu Chapter started off the year by hosting U.S. Rep. and Brother Phil Gingrey of the Gamma Alpha Chapter at Georgia Tech. Congressman Gingrey is serving his 5th term as the U.S. representative for Georgia’s 11th District and is currently running for U.S. Senate. Congressman Gingrey highlighted his time as a Sigma Nu at Georgia Tech and how it has influenced him. The candidate class enjoyed meeting the congressman with candidate Donley Henson stating, “It is truly inspiring and encouraging to see alumni such as Congressman Gingrey still giving back to his fraternity.”

Alumnus George Hearn has a phrase very familiar to the brothers of Mu Chapter: “Brotherhood is for life.” On Sunday, October 20th, Mu Chapter took that phrase and added a new twist, “Brotherhood for Golf.” The chapter held its inaugural brotherhood golf tournament at the Lane Creek Golf Club in Bishop, Ga. The two-man scramble was won by Brothers Hudson Jerles and Jeff Brum.

The chapter’s brotherhood chairmen, Alex Croy and Hunter Garrett took charge of all the logistics for the afternoon. The event brought together every current candidate class of Mu Chapter, and a variety of skill levels. “The golf tournament is something unique at Mu Chapter,” said Freshman Cole Graham. “We have a ton of good golfers but the unwritten rule is that the good guys don’t team up, so everyone has a chance to win and have a good time.”

Second place was highly contested – the one-hole playoff came down to the last putt. The big brother, little brother team of Sam McKinstry and Mitch Fenbert emerged victorious after the team of sophomores, Joseph Brittain and Andrew Greene had some trouble in the woods.

After the tournament, the brothers congregated on the back porch at Lane Creek for dinner and awards. The award ceremony included a wholesale-store-sized jar of pickles for the worst score and filets for the winners, as well as good natured observations about everyone’s golf game.

The event exhibited the solid brotherhood that exemplifies Mu Chapter. Several of the foursomes had brothers from four different candidate classes. One of the foursomes included an entire fraternity “family.” Eldest family member and Commander of Mu Chapter, Ben Booth, took on the day with his little brother Alex Croy paired with Alex’s little brother, Hunter Garrett and Hunter’s little brother, Harrison Milford.

The Sigma Nu expectation of excellence was not apparent from watching some of the golf shots, but the strong bond of brotherhood was clearly evident throughout the day. The spring tournament will be held in March.

On Tuesday, November 5, Sean Gilrain was elected vice president of administration of the University of Georgia IFC.

Sean was recently elected Lieutenant Commander of Mu Chapter, having previously served as Recruitment Chairman and Social Chairman. This past year, he served the UGA IFC as co-chairman of its recruitment committee. A third-year student at the University of Georgia, Sean is a Leonard Leadership Scholar, and a member of the Corsair Society and the Dean William Tate Honor Society.

Sean is the ninth consecutive brother from Mu Chapter to be elected to the UGA IFC executive board.


This semester, the fall candidates, with the help of Alumnus Rob White, completed a new crest for the Zeta Sigma house. The crest was recreated by Brother White, then painted and refurbished by the candidate class. After many years of displaying Sigma Nu pride to the Gettysburg campus, the crest was beginning to look dated and needed to be replaced. After facilities management took the old crest down, the newly constructed crest was put in place. The new crest should last for years to come!


As of August 21st, the Zeta Chi Chapter has moved into its brand new home at the Bayou Oaks residence – its first since colonization. The facility underwent a one million dollar renovation this summer and is now equipped with a state of the art study room, chapter room and executive room. Recent additions included all new furniture, an HD projector, study carrels and more. The house accommodates 15 members of the chapter.

Huntingdon College

Nu Beta Chapter is enjoying their first full semester in their own chapter house. With Greek housing recently being introduced as a new facet of student life at Huntingdon College, Nu Beta is proud to be the first Greek organization in the history of the school to move off campus into a chapter house.

Nu Beta was eager and willing to be the first organization to move into its own house. The chapter was aware that this relocation would provide a spark in recruitment, as well as reenergize brothers by providing a tangible achievement to reward their efforts in their pursuit of excellence. Nu Beta was in constant communication with administration for the entire semester prior to moving into the house, working with the school to handle all the details, and fulfilling all the requirements set by the school in order to move into the house.

Nu Beta intends to continue utilizing the new chapter house in a plethora of ways, including in its recruitment, social events, alumni gatherings, and brotherhood events.

Inside Huntingdon's flag football huddle


Brother Raja Naveen of the Univeristy of Illinois pictured at Boraburdur Temple in Indonesia. Boraburdur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Brother Naveen’s travel destinations on his trip abroad to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.


Beta Eta Chapter at Indiana University is hosting this fall its second annual Greek Bowl, a flag football league that raises funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

This year, the chapter has expanded the league to include an eight week regular season that runs from September 20-November 10. Teams from 16 different Indiana University fraternities will form the league, which will conclude with a championship game on November 15 following a one-day playoff round.

Proceeds from Beta Eta Chapter’s Greek Bowl will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and its mission to discover cures and means of prevention for pediatric diseases through research and treatment.

Jacksonville State

Candidate Class President Kenneth Smith won homecoming king at Jacksonville State University this fall. The Iota lambda Chapter is very proud of his accomplishment. Brother Smith was chosen in an online poll by the student body and was selected as king over four other candidates. In addition, the Iota Lambda Chapter raised $700 for the Wounded Warrior Project during the chapter’s inaugural car show Hot Rods for Heroes.

James Madison

Junior Brother David Dwyier was the lead engineer on a project to build a custom tricycle for 9-year-old Troy Haverstrom, who has spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy. The project to build the tricycle was brought before the sophomore engineering class last year. Out of the team working together to design the tricycle, Brother Dwyier was selected to build the bike. He spent the summer in Harrisonburg working to complete the tricycle, which was built with student designed and constructed parts. Due to Troy’s disability, the tricycle is custom-made to allow for Troy to change gears and brake on the right handlebar.

Speaking about his experience, Brother Dwyier commented, “I can’t even describe the feeling I have right now being able to see this — here’s something I built and was able to give to someone who’s not able to ride a bicycle by himself.”


About 20 brothers from Nu Chapter recently took part in a construction project for Habitat for Humanity. On October 19, the brothers spent the day building a home for the less fortunate in Lawrence, Kan. For about a year, the chapter has been doing service work with Habitat for Humanity. The chapter hopes to make this an annual service event.

Kent State

This November 23rd, the Zeta Gamma Chapter and Alpha Tau Omega at Kent State hosted its annual Whitefeet vs. Blackfeet rivalry football game at Dix Stadium at Kent State. Money raised at the game was donated to The Upside of Downs Foundation, located in Cleveland, Ohio. The Upside of Downs helps raise awareness for children with Down’s syndrome in the northeast Ohio area. Brother Shon Christy of the Kappa Lambda Chapter is a member of the organization. The game has been played annually for over two decades and originally started as a pick-up football game down the street from the chapter houses. The game has turned into the chapter’s annual fall philanthropy and is a big hit throughout the Greek community at Kent State.

The game is usually attended by around 400-500 people. Family, friends, sorority women, and fraternity men from other chapters come out to cheer on both teams and help support the great cause. Zeta Gamma Chapter and Alpha Tau Omega began playing the game to relive the two fraternity’s historical rivalry.

Four months prior to the event, the Zeta Gamma Chapter helped at a community service event for The Upside of Downs at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. The chapter became really close with the organization after the event and wanted to make it their local charity. Alpha Tau Omega loved the idea of helping the organization out and the chapters will be working with The Upside of Downs for years to come.

The Zeta Gamma Chapter and Alpha Tau Omega plan to donate $5,000 to The Upside of Downs this November. They raised nearly $3,000 at the 2012 game. The chapters have made efforts to plan fundraising events around Kent, Ohio, to help increase the total fundraising numbers for this year.


The Zeta Psi Chapter has ushered in a new era after spending a year on “Show Cause.” The previous semester saw the Zeta Psi Chapter achieving the Regent’s Award for Academic Excellence for its high GPA, as well as receiving an award for its 48% growth in manpower. The chapter determined that the fall semester would bring even more impressive accolades. The chapter set goals for recruiting, school spirit, as well as service and philanthropy hours. Achieving the recruitment goal proved to be difficult; especially, for a university that has a history of poor interest in Greek life. Although the original goal was not met, the chapter recruited the biggest candidate class it has seen in two years. To most, eight candidates would seem modest. However, with a chapter that began the semester with seven active members, this accomplishment is great.

As for school spirit, the Zeta Psi Chapter has a history of setting the standard for Lamar University’s athletic event attendance. This is still the case for the men of the Zeta Psi Chapter. They have continued to be, despite a considerable size difference, the prominent Greek organization in attendance. The Zeta Psi Chapter does not discriminate in the importance of the athletic events. All events, from the school’s newly revamped men’s football program to the minimally attended girls’ soccer games, can expect a good turnout of Sigma Nu gentlemen. In September, the chapter made a nine hour trip to the Oklahoma State University to meet the Sigma Nus of OSU, as well as to support the Lamar football team. The trip proved to be a huge success. The chapter learned the ways of a Rock Chapter, as well as showed the school spirit promised.

In addition, the Zeta Psi Chapter is still on track to achieve its goal of having the most service and philanthropy hours in the IFC. The chapter’s community service includes participation in events such as the 5k walk for Gift of Life, as well as weekends at the local food bank. With a lot of help from the current active members and the chapter’s numerous and supportive alumni, the Zeta Psi Chapter has remained afloat. More importantly, it has proved to be an important and integral part of the Lamar University community.

Louisiana Tech

 The Eta Zeta Chapter at Louisiana Tech University is proud to announce that it has inducted the largest candidate class of any fraternity on campus for the past three years in a row, each year having an acceptance rate of over 80 percent.  In addition to having the highest GPA on campus for 98 out of the last 132 quarters, the members are involved in many on-campus organizations including orientation student leaders, student government association, student advancement team, student recruiters, and Order of Omega, a Greek honors society.  They have also won the annual Greek week tournament trophy for two consecutive years.  The Greek week tournament includes events such as athletics, philanthropy, and team building.

The Eta Zeta Chapter recently celebrated Louisiana Tech University’s homecoming week with two of the founding fathers of their chapter, as well as a ceremony that included the parents of both members and candidates.  During the fall quarter, several LEAD sessions were conducted to not only better the men in college, but also prepare them for their future endeavors.  The brothers of the Eta Zeta Chapter would also like to congratulate Josh McIntire for being selected to represent Louisiana Tech at the National Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values in Washington, DC.  The National Student Leadership Forum provides an opportunity to discuss the significance of faith and values as foundations for effective leadership.

Miami (OH)

 The Epsilon Nu Chapter of Sigma Nu is looking forward to one of their most anticipated events of the year: mom’s weekend. Last year, the fraternity successfully raised over $4,500 that was put towards general improvements to the fraternity house as well as philanthropy events. This year, the chapter is hopeful in surpassing that amount. In addition, the chapter placed within the top 5 during this semester’s Greek week events. With IFC executive board elections coming up quickly, several brothers of the Epsilon Nu Chapter have expressed interest and are working hard to acquire a position and become more involved with the university’s Greek system. Also, a recent visit from numerous alumni has sparked donations to be used towards new additions for the fraternity house.


Gamma Tau Chapter recruited 29 candidates this fall, which may be the largest class since the chapter was rechartered in 1996. Keeping with Values Based Recruitment, these 29 gentlemen are some of the finest on campus. This year’s recruitment goal was 25, in an ongoing effort to increase the size of the chapter. The chapter surpassed this goal and increased its membership to 71 brothers and candidates.

Last year, Gamma Tau recruited 24 gentlemen overall and 14 the year before. The chapter is thrilled to have so many quality candidates. Because of the large numbers Gamma Tau recruited this fall, the chapter is looking to minimize the bids extended for next year in order to maintain a manageable size and foster close ties of brotherhood.


Epsilon Xi Chapter presented a $25,000 check to Friends of Children’s Hospital in honor of Olivia Manning during the home football game vs. Missouri last fall. Epsilon Xi Chapter was represented by Commander Will Andrews and Philanthropy Chairmen Patrick McDaniel and Paul DeForest. Epsilon Xi Chapter donated $25,000 to Friends of Children’s Hospital at UMMC in honor of Olivia Manning from donations raised from the Annual Sigma Nu Charity Bowl game played last March at Vaught Hemmingway Stadium.  The money raised in the game goes to a paralysis victim but proceeds from the last year’s game also went to the Children’s Hospital in honor of Olivia Manning.

The 25th Annual Sigma Nu Charity Bowl will be played March 21, 2014 and again part of the proceeds will go to Friends of Children’s Hospital at UMMC in honor of Olivia Manning.  Since it’s inception the Sigma Nu Charity Bowl has raised over $1.2 million dollars making it the largest Greek Fund Raiser in the country.

Ole Miss' fall 2013 candidate class.


This August, Rho Chapter initiated 12 new members into the chapter, moving the number of Rho initiates to an astounding 2,378 members. The spring semester was a success for Rho Chapter academically, as the chapter placed 9th overall in grades out of 35 IFC registered fraternities with a 3.07 GPA. This cumulative house GPA surpassed the all-university (3.053), all-fraternity (3.009), and all-male (2.917) grade averages. It’s safe to say Rho has an intelligent group of men who dedicate ample time to making the most of their education from Mizzou.

The total number of new candidates signed for the fall 2013 semester reached an amazing 35 young men.  This is the largest class recruited in many years. The chapter looks forward to seeing them learn and grow, and become the new face of Rho Chapter.


On October 27th, over 30 brothers from the Gamma Phi Chapter gathered to help plant 17 trees at the Sussex School in Missoula. The brothers were able to complete this project which replaced trees that had to be removed from the school during the summer.

Speaking about the event, Brother Jim Grover said, “We are looking for more opportunities to do things like this ­­– and we are hoping to do some work with Big Brothers Big Sisters and the YMCA.”  He also added, “We wanted to do something that affects our community in a positive way, and we have done a couple of projects this year.”

Mount Union

On March 23, 2013, the Beta Iota Chapter raised approximately $1,000 through the 28th annual Mike Hardy Basketball Marathon. The Mike Hardy Basketball Marathon was created in 1985 following the death of Brother Mike Hardy in 1984. The chapter uses this philanthropy as a means to raise funds for Ponery Orphanage, which the chapter has partnered with for many years.

Speaking about the event, chapter Commander Cory Ross said, “It’s a big event for alumni and faculty, as well as students. We enjoy raising the money for a good cause and reminding everyone who attends what a great guy Mike Hardy was.”


The Delta Xi Chapter home hosted the 85th Annual Crumley Dinner, known by many as the longest continuous tradition of any fraternity in the state of Nevada.

New Hampshire

The Iota Sigma Chapter continued on its path toward excellence during the fall 2013 semester. The chapter raised over $5,500 in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on October 20th. Additionally, the chapter raised $1,100 for the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition during its annual Sigma Nu Fall Fest philanthropy event.


Gamma Beta got off to a great start this fall. The group reassembled in late September for the start of Northwestern University’s academic year. Since then, the colony has been preparing for its rechartering ceremony set to take place on November 9th this year. Although this process has required a large portion of the colony’s attention, it has not stopped the men from excelling in other areas.

The colony is set to host a 5k run benefiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital on November 3rd and is currently participating in community service opportunities and campus involvement. Many of the men are volunteering at the Women’s Club of Evanston which is putting on a Halloween trail for children who face physical, cognitive, or economic challenges. On the Evanston campus, the Gamma Beta Colony has been asked to be the official student section of the Northwestern Volleyball Team and has been given the nickname “Net Heads” by the team.

Northwestern State

The brothers of the Mu Rho Chapter have doubled their chapter size with 23 candidates pledged into a chapter of 23 brothers. The brothers are having much success retaining candidates with their new candidate program which highlights all sessions of LEAD Phase I. The chapter’s revitalized LEAD Program put in place last spring encompasses all Phases of LEAD.

The Mu Rho Chapter raised nearly $1,000 with the women of Sigma Sigma Sigma to benefit a Mu Rho brother in distress whose home burned in early August. The chapter is looking to continue the success of its newly installed scholarship program by improving its 3.0 GPA which was second on campus for fraternity men and well above the all-men’s average on campus.


This fall, the Delta Epsilon Colony broke ground on its new chapter home, which is scheduled to be completed in August 2014. Despite 100+ degree heat, the groundbreaking was well attended with 150-200 alumni, colony members, family, and friends there to celebrate.

The Delta Epsilon Colony participated in its first homecoming after recolonization efforts last fall. The colony was paired with the men of Beta Theta Pi and the ladies of Chi Omega, and the theme of this year’s homecoming was “Drawn Together by Tradition.”

Delta Epsilon and Oklahoma State’s Epsilon Epsilon Chapter are also currently planning and coordinating a “Bedlam” game ball run between Norman and Stillwater. This philanthropy event will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and will take place the Friday before the Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State football game. Both chapters are continuing in their efforts to coordinate a successful philanthropic event. More details will follow.

The Delta Epsilon Colony’s recent groundbreaking at the site of their new chapter house. Pictured from left to right are: Brother Wes Graham; Brother Steve Newby; Commander Grady Cole, Brother Bill Townsend; and Brother Michael Grant.

Old Dominion

ODU’s Eta Chi Chapter of Sigma Nu along with Delta Zeta Sorority and the surrounding community helped unload 3,000 pumpkins this year for the Larchmont United Methodist Church’s annual pumpkin sale. Sigma Nu has been helping the church of their chapter advisor (Watt Jones) each year for over a decade. The tractor-trailer that delivered the pumpkins was completely unloaded this year in a record 1 hour and 37 minutes. About 50 Old Dominion University students volunteered this year.

Penn State

The Delta Delta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity is engaged in its annual fundraising campaign for the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Council Dance Marathon “THON.”

The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon THON is a year-long fundraising and awareness campaign for the fight against pediatric cancer. Last year THON raised over $12 million for a total of over $101 million since inception in 1973. This money goes directly to the Four Diamonds fund which supports the families and patients at Hershey Medical Center. The fundraising culminates in a 46 hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon from which THON gets its name.

Delta Delta raised over $25,000 last year and has set its goal at $50,000 for this year’s campaign.  Currently the chapter stands at a little over $19,000 at about half way through the fundraising window.

The chapter and its partner Volé, a Penn State ballet club, are prepping for the final canister solicitation (“canning”) weekend of the season. Additionally, the pair is planning several other fundraisers including a spaghetti dinner and a car smash.

For the first time ever, the chapter has adopted a THON family. A THON family is one that is directly supported by the Four Diamonds Fund. This allows the chapter to interact personally with those it is helping to care for. It is a very selective process and only organizations demonstrating high levels of involvement are permitted to adopt a family. Delta Delta is proud to welcome its THON family, pediatric cancer patient Garrett, with his parents, and brothers into their fraternal family.

This year the chapter is sending Brother John Patterson (senior, sports broadcasting) to represent the fraternity at the 46 hour dance marathon. When asked what made THON special he said, “[THON] shows the good in Penn State and in people.”

Penn State’s fall 2013 candidate class.

Penn College of Technology

 In the first of what is expected to become an annual event, a 5K run/walk sponsored by Sigma Nu at Penn College raised more than $300 for the Wounded Warrior Project. The race, which began at the main campus entrance near the Student and Administrative Services Center, was won by Daniel J. Schepis, of Quakertown, enrolled in information technology: web and applications development concentration. In second place was Shannon L. Abercrombie, an applied health studies major.

 Presbyterian College

 The Zeta Theta Chapter at Presbyterian College has focused on developing its brotherhood in the active chapter as well as in the alumni chapter. This semester, the brothers have taken an initiative to become better-rounded men. In regards to LEAD, the chapter has started utilizing all four phases, with a variety of guest speakers presenting. Some of the topics that were covered are career development, goal setting, and the value of the fraternity. Beyond LEAD, the chapter has also focused on athletics, winning the intramural soccer championship. Concerning alumni development, Zeta Theta is continually connecting with members. In order to do this, the chapter has developed the ‘51 Club, a mechanism for alumni to support the chapter.

 Rhodes College

 Frankie Dakin, who was running a campaign for local alderman, which the chapter first reported in the fall 2012 Delta, is now going on a national tour with a movement called The Can Kicks Back to encourage young voter political involvement as it relates to the national debt. Dakin is on tour for about a month, after winning the Alderman election in July 2012 by a margin of 56-44, toppling a four-term incumbent.

“What it comes down to is that I’ve always loved public service and haven’t had an opportunity until now to get involved in a national campaign,” said Dakin speaking about his work with The Can Kicks Back. “The real debt to us is estimated at around $200 trillion, plus all the unfunded liabilities. That’s going to be coming out of our pocket as we get older.”

Rochester Institute of Technology

 Mu Zeta Chapter had a busy fall with several LEAD sessions, attendance at philanthropies, and participation in contests. On October 3rd, the chapter co-hosted a safe sex seminar with the student life team. On the following day, the chapter hosted a healthy food contest, with two alumni brothers and three sorority members serving as judges. Furthermore, the chapter participated in Alpha Xi Delta’s “Be Xi Greatest” and finished the event in fifth place. Lastly, two chapter brothers participated in Sigma Sigma Sigma’s “Sign Idol” on October 21st.


The Iota Chapter had a very successful recruitment, welcoming a candidate class of 27 new members.  The second annual car smash recruitment event was a success in drawing in potential new members and giving the chapter positive exposure on Samford’s campus. Alumnus Bobby Patrick opened his home to host the chapter’s final event of formal recruitment for the fall.

 San Jose State

 During the 2013 fall rush week at Sigma Nu Zeta Iota, multiple alumni came out to career night to share their experiences and benefits of joining Sigma Nu. The chapter holds a career night once every semester during rush in which the brothers and potential new members participate. The purpose of the career night is to give potential candidates insight on how Sigma Nu can be a benefit not only during college but also afterwards.

On Sunday, October, 27th the chapter brothers held a 5k “Zombie Run.” Over 500 Bay Area locals turned out for the event, and the fundraiser made the San Jose Mercury newspaper! The race raised several thousand dollars for local San Jose parks. Event coordinator Brother Weston Furia developed the idea with his dad after thinking about how popular zombies had become. He decided to use it as a fundraising technique. Commenting about the event Furia said, “Why not do a zombie run?”

South Carolina

 The Delta Chapter had its most successful year of fall recruitment ever with a class of 48 candidates. Also, Brother Ken DeHart was recognized as the top producing financial representative intern at The Worrell Agency, affiliated with Northwestern Mutual.

Southern Maine

 Brother Tyler Boothby has been elected president of the Portland Lions Club. Brother Boothby is the youngest president of any Lions Club in the state of Maine. The Portland Lions Club is also the oldest in the state and the oldest north of Boston. The Lions Club is the largest community service organization in the world.

The work of Brother Boothby, as well as his fellow chapter Brothers Nate Cadorette and Tyler Jenkins, were highlighted in an article about the resurgence of the Portland Lions Club. Also prominently featured in the article are Alumnus Brother Bruce Roullard (Southern Maine) and Vice Regent Duane Dreger (MIT). Brother Roullard, who served as the Portland Lions Club president from 2004-2013, was largely instrumental in the resurgence of the Portland Lions Club chapter. Brother Roullard led a recruitment initiative with the University of Southern Maine and the resurgence of the chapter has largely been led by Sigma Nus.

The Lions Club magazine is translated in 20 different languages and is circulated around the world.

 Southern Mississippi

 To welcome the incoming class of 2017, Brothers Kyle Stoner, Jean-Paul Brion, and Rodney Campbell participated as members of the University of Southern Mississippi’s Golden Eagle Welcome Week (GEWW). In addition, Jean-Paul was a member of one of the most prestigious organizations on campus, Southern Style, who are the official student ambassadors of the university. These brothers answered questions the incoming freshmen had about where their class locations, financial aid, help on campus, and anything an incoming freshman might be worried about.

The chapter brothers know that they are called to serve the community and campus by being leaders, role models, and most importantly, Knights.

Southern Poly

The Iota Pi Chapter was well represented at the Order of Omega awards banquet at Southern Polytechnic State University this year. Brothers Alex Harrington, Brad Thompson, Andres Munoz, and JP Dockter were recognized for obtaining a 4.0 GPA for the spring 2013 semester. In addition to academic excellence, Brother Brad Thompson was recognized as Scholar of the Year, Brother JP Dockter was recognized as the Fraternity Man of the Year, and Brother Luc Graap was installed as the IFC president for 2014. Brother Brandon Thimes, who served as Order of Omega president, helped arrange the event and distribute the awards.

The Brothers of Iota Pi understand that excellence is not just an award but a lifestyle to live by. The motivation for the chapter to actively participate in outside organizations came from the realization of the opportunity to recruit more potential members to build a stronger chapter.

The Iota Pi Chapter is excited for the recent accomplishments and hopes to build a vision for the future to obtain Chapter of the Year, in addition to individual awards.

Stevens Institute of Technology

 The Gamma Delta Chapter had a prominent role in organizing a Stevens’ event called Techfest. Techfest, a two-day-long festival featuring music, a “paint blast,” and other activities, is a student run and organized event. The team that coordinated the event was led by four Stevens chapter brothers. All of the designs, logos, promotional items, and t-shirts were created by Brother Luke Phillipi. The event was attended by over 1,000 students and is the most successful Techfest to date.

On August 30th the chapter had a brother enter the United States Navy. Currently, he is still enrolled and not on active duty.  The brothers also recently participated in a breast cancer walk in Central Park.

Valdosta State

The Mu Nu Chapter has several exciting chapter awards and accomplishments to share. The chapter was awarded the Highest New Member GPA, Most Improved GPA, and Overall Highest GPA for the academic year of 2012-2013. The chapter was also awarded Excellence in Community Service and Philanthropy Activities, Academics and Scholarship, and Campus Involvement and Leadership for the 2012-2013 year. Finally, the chapter was awarded Chapter of the Year for 2012-2013.

This fall, Sigma Nu and Kappa Delta won the float competition during the Valdosta State homecoming week. Thanks go to all the chapter brothers who made these accomplishments possible!


 Sigma Chapter held a military-inspired fitness competition at Vanderbilt University this fall called the Warrior Challenge, benefitting The Wounded Warrior Project. This was the first year of the event, and it marked the end of a week dedicated to community service from the chapter’s members. Over 100 students attended or actively participated. The event attracted several Nashville businesses to set up free giveaway booths.

With multiple brothers and alumni in the Army and Navy ROTC programs at Vanderbilt, Sigma Chapter decided to center its philanthropy on the goal of aiding military veterans. All members of the chapter were active in recruiting participants from sports teams, athletic clubs, and the Greek community in the weeks prior to the event. Moving forward, the chapter plans on continuing the Warrior Challenge as an annual event with the goal to increase donations and participation year after year.


Brother Mike Dolio’s work owning an arcade was recently highlighted by the CBS news affiliate in Philadelphia, Pa. Brother Dolio has owned the video game arcade since he was 16. Dolio, now 21, has renamed the arcade Uncle Mike’s Arcade. Speaking about his experience running the arcade, Dolio said “empower your employees to really make them feel that they have a stake in the business.”

Villanova’s fall 2013 candidate class.


Brothers from the Gamma Chi Chapter participated in the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk in September. The chapter brothers walk in the event ever year to honor the memory of Brother Colin Carty who passed away from brain cancer in 2008 at the age of 22. This year, the chapter was joined by Colin’s parents. Both parents walked the event wearing some of Colin’s old Sigma Nu attire from his days in the chapter.

Washington and Lee

On October 13, the chapter sponsored a chapter-wide philanthropy event for Hull’s Drive-In, the oldest community owned drive-in movie theater in the country. Hull’s Drive-In has been in operation since 1950 and was purchased by a local nonprofit group in 2000 to preserve the theater. The theater has remained open through continuous donations and it has remained a staple of the Rockbridge County community. Speaking about Hull’s, Commander George Steuart said, “Hull’s is unique to Lexington, so we want to support it in any way we can.”

The chapter donated $200 and provided all the volunteers for the evening which included a screening of an NFL football game. The chapter brothers provided TV service so that the game between the Cowboys and Redskins could be viewed. Chapter brothers were in charge of ticket sales, concessions, raffles and monitoring for the night. There were over 150 cars there and it was a big success. The chapter had a great time and hopes to work with the drive-in again sometime in the near future.

Washington State

The Delta Iota Chapter received three awards at the year-end Greek awards banquet in November. Lt. Commander Bob Johnson was awarded Outstanding Executive Council Member of the Year and Commander Eric David was named Chapter President of the Year. The chapter was also awarded the Most Original Philanthropy of the Year.

West Virginia

 This October, Sigma Nu at West Virginia partnered with Mountaineer Maniacs – the largest student organization on campus – to raise money for a local breast cancer center. Working with the Mountaineer Maniacs, the chapter was able to raise over $4,000 for the Betty Puskar Cancer Foundation. Speaking about the event Brother Samuel Richardson said, “We are proud to be given the opportunity to be the first organization to co-sponsor Breast Cancer Awareness Month at West Virginia University with … the Mountaineer Maniacs.” The event was organized by Brother Richardson and Brother Stephen Orlowski, the assistant director of the Mountaineer Maniacs.


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