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Readers Respond to Summer 2013 Issue



Summer 2013 Cover

Chapter News

Congratulations to the men of Gamma Upsilon at the University of Arkansas. Since the re-establishment of the chapter in 2004 they have committed themselves to the ideals and principles of Sigma Nu. The alumni are proud of the results to date.
-Joel Wood (Arkansas)

I am proud of the way they have re-established the fraternity as the premier group on campus. It sets an example for others to follow, and the charity event with the Pi Phis for literacy serves as a model for other chapters to follow.
-James Parker (Arkansas)

Q and A with Regent Charlie Eitel

Eitel Q and A

Great Q&A article with Charlie Eitel.  I really enjoyed learning about his story.  It is great to see successful fraternity members who truly uphold their fraternal values. I am sure it was a pleasure interviewing Charlie.
-Brian T. Clarke
Director of Greek Life
UC Irvine

I have had the pleasure of working with Charlie many years ago. Everything said is as true as it can be said. He is a great leader and motivator.
-Robert Weiss (Emory)

I am proud to say the ideals my dad shares in this article bleed over into his family life. He has been an amazing mentor to me and given me the confidence to raise incredible kids and manage our household with integrity. I love you dad! Well done, good and faithful servant.
-Jennifer Young

Sigma Nu leadership is top drawer in every way! I’m grateful and proud.
-Maury Gaston (Auburn)

Build It

Kendrick Feature

This was really interesting. Living here in Arizona, I never knew Kendrick was a brother. His presence in both the sports and charity communities in Phoenix is very visible. I’m not a big fan of some of his baseball moves lately, but I guess I’ll have to overlook them now! Thanks for the article.
-Jeff Martin (Southern Utah)

Perspectives on Our Past

Perspectives on Past

Bob, great article! Thank you for bringing Ray to life for us. You are doing an excellent job as our Grand Historian!
-Jeff Giarde (San Diego State)

A very inspiring message about Bob Ewry. He passed away nine years before I became a Sigma Nu. Every young person should read his story that shows how much the will to succeed can accomplish.
-Dean Arnold (Kansas State)

Q and A with Vice Regent John Hearn

Good advice for our young Sigma Nus. Thanks for taking a lead.
-Jack Woodall (Stetson)

Excellent! Just what we expect from Vice Regent Hearn, our Alumnus of the Biennium at last summer’s Grand Chapter.
-Maury Gaston (Auburn)

Outstanding! Great guidance for those looking to build, operate and sustain excellence — both in chapter operations and in life. Thanks for sharing!
-Michael Barry (Georgia)

Simply outstanding and awesome advice for our young leaders to follow! Kudos to you, John!
-Bill Geddy (Georgia Southern)


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