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How Can Fraternities Build a Healthier World

By College Chefs

With the growing importance of wellness and increased mental health awareness, the collegiate fraternity food scene is looking a little different than it was five years ago. This culture shift ultimately reflects a greater shift in the values of a healthy society.

As a company built by chefs, when it comes to wellness, we love to chat about our area of expertise: food!

We could nerd out about how the food that you consume directly impacts your physical and mental health. We could delve into the world of your microbiome; how bacteria in your gut interacts with particles from your meal to affect your hormones and nervous system. Or maybe detail how a bag of Cheetos and an energy drink will change your mood and energy differently than a full, balanced meal.

We know that you know that it’s all connected!

We love a juicy cheeseburger or slab of fall off the bone ribs as much as the next guy. But we know the power that fresh from scratch ingredients have on our health. We also believe that when something is made with love, not only does it taste better, but it is better for you.

A healthier world starts with you and to get started, here are College Chefs’ Top 3 Wellness Tips:

1. Stock up on healthy snacks.

When you’re in a rush, you won’t have to reach for processed junk.

  • Instead of M&M’s…Try berries and dark chocolate. Ok, this sounds like some crazy tip your friend's organic mom would give you but trust us here! It’s a double hit of antioxidants. It’ll give you more energy and you’ll feel fuller, longer.
  • Instead of a highly processed protein bar…Try mixed nuts. Throw them in a baggie on your way to class and you have a protein packed snack to power you through the day.
  • Instead of potato chips…Try fresh popcorn! It has the same satisfying crunch without the junk. Pro tip: if you’re a salt and vinegar lover, add white balsamic vinegar to your popcorn for the same flavor.
2. Sleep!

Too much coffee and energy drinks can have a wild impact on your nervous system. Prioritize your sleep so you don’t have to depend on stimulants.

3. Choose FRESH as much as possible.

Fresh foods have more vitamins and nutrients than processed foods. Additives in processed foods can often have adverse effects, even if they’re marketed as “healthy.”

It’s all about balance. After all, your body is your temple.

Need more about the benefits of eating fresh? Find us @collegechefs.

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