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Career Resources to Elevate Your Postgrad Plans

Updates From Lexington

In May 2020, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, reported that the United States had lost 20.6 million jobs since mid-March, 2020. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the United States had an unemployment rate of 3.5%, in February 2020 – a 50 year low. It was a staggering turn of events with global economic ramifications, one of which was the job market facing the classes of 2020 and 2021.

The ripple effects of the pandemic’s economic impact certainly were not isolated to 2020 graduates, though. To better prepare themselves for the future, second and third-year college students worked to secure internship opportunities across the economic landscape. Tens of thousands of those opportunities were canceled or rescinded because of the pandemic.

The economic reality for many college students boiled down to a simple question, “What do I do now?” It was not the first time the United States had faced a dramatic economic downturn, though, and history informed us that there would be a rebound, we just did not know when.

The past year has been a roller coaster of economic and job market insecurity and that uncertainty continues to drive the importance of professional skill development. Ahead are three resources that can help you, our collegiate brothers, push your career paths forward.

The Sigma Nu Mentor Network is the Fraternity’s dedicated on-demand mentoring and networking platform. It is specifically designed to connect those brothers seeking professional and career advice with Sigma Nu alumni committed to providing guidance from their own experience and knowledge. Because this platform is online, geography is a non-factor and with more than 435 alumni advisors, guidance for most industries and professions is available. Moreover, the Sigma Nu Mentor Network’s unique job board identifies specific advisors who may be helpful to speak to about individual postings and alumni advisors can post jobs any time.

Scholars is a new platform that connects students with potential employers and internship opportunities. Once students complete their profile, employers are then able to match the skills and qualifications of the students to the responsibilities and requirements of their open positions. This matching process triggers a notification being sent to those students who have the required skills and invites them to indicate their interest. If a student indicates their interest, the potential employer is notified, and they can then schedule the next steps with the student. Scholars also provides a number of resources including a new e-book – How to Land Your Dream Internship, a podcast – The Internship Show, and the Scholars Blog.

The Sigma Nu LinkedIn group includes more than 10,000 Sigma Nu brothers. This private group can be a tremendous networking opportunity and professional resource. This group is available to both collegiate and alumni brothers.

In addition to the above resources, the following are some general tips that will keep you productive and prepared for the next career opportunity.

  1. Be deliberate about using your time. Spend time doing things that are helpful to your work experience and skills.
  2. Be open minded to new opportunities. Keep looking. Focus on those employers who are actively hiring.
  3. Attend virtual sessions. While most campuses have “closed” campus for the term, the career services office still has counselors working behind the scenes ready to share advice and tips with students and alumni. Schedule a call with your campus’ career service office or attend one of their virtual sessions.
  4. Network, network, network. We live in an age where people can connect with a simple click. Whether that is through social media or a formal career development platform, like the Sigma Nu Mentor Network, there are plenty of people out there who are willing and eager to help on your professional journey.
  5. Take care of yourself. Not every moment has to be focused on your career journey and it’s important to take time for yourself.

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