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National Hazing Prevention Week Message from the Regent

Updates from Lexington

The pandemic we are facing has done much to refocus our attention on what is important in our personal lives, communities, and society at large. Like any crisis or challenge, the fear of uncertainty and the reminder of our own mortality can bring many things into focus.

Yet this week, of all weeks, we are reminded of an absolute certainty for every Knight in the Legion of Honor: We expect the best! We expect ourselves to believe in the life of Love, walk in in the way of Honor, and serve in the light of Truth. Nothing less.

We also expect the same from every fellow brother who pledged himself to the same oath we did during our initiation.

It is by those two fundamental pieces of our brotherhood we remain strong, united, and persevering through every hurdle faced by our great Fraternity over the past 151 years.

It is abundantly clear why we hold Love, Honor, and Truth so dearly.

Imagine a world of half-truths – a world where reality shifted every day and truth was subject to the fickle whims of individual passions and agendas. Or, imagine a world where Love is not routinely given fully or freely. Or, imagine a world where honor was irrelevant, and a man wasn’t judged on his character but upon the more frivolous and pointless material things of this temporal earth.

What I describe to you is truly a dystopian world, and it’s a world our society appears to slowly be sliding towards.

Find faith and hope in our principles, Love, Honor, and Truth, and know that the greatest of these is Love.

Sigma Nu Fraternity stands as a bulwark against any imprudent slide, not because we are against change but because we are against moving an inch on our three principles, for if we stand for nothing then we will settle and succumb to anything.

Any time a Knight or Chapter disregards their honor by indulging in the childish practice of hazing, the legacy three men laid before us 151 years ago at VMI is betrayed. That betrayal also disrupts the ability to honor our mission of developing ethical leaders.

For these reasons, we stand solidly upon our Rock of Truth and proclaim that the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth mattered yesterday, they matter today, and they will matter forever.

We refuse to accept the dystopia. We refuse to accept mediocrity. We refuse to accept defeat in our battle against hazing. We are for ethical leadership, and we are for Love, Honor, and Truth.

It will take this spirit to conquer hazing. Nothing less.

Expect the best,

John Hearn (Georgia)

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