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Surviving Final Exams 

Updates from Lexington

For many the beginning of final exams can be a hectic time for all college students and especially fraternity members. In addition to the academic stress, there is stress associated with closing the chapter’s facility for the break, officer transitions, summer internships or jobs, etc.

To help deal with these various pressures, here are six easy tips for surviving the end of the semester from a recent Time Magazine article by Brian Witte:

  1. Verify the details – make sure you know the accurate day and time of your final exams as they may differ from the usual time that class meets.
  2. Get some sleep – while all-nighters may feel necessary, the brain functions better and retains information at a higher level when you get sleep.
  3. Stay active – exercise can give you a good and needed break from studying while also providing a much needed blood flow boost to your brain.
  4. Eat well – unhealthy foods are comprised of processed carbohydrates that are quickly processed by your system leaving you quickly tired. Instead, eat foods that take longer to digest such as lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables.
  5. Experiment with different methods of studying – align you study plan with how your brain functions. Focus on one final exam for a maximum of 1-2 hours then switch to another exam then switch to another exam or the first one you began. By switching, you will find your brain better retains the information.
  6. Silence your social media accounts – the opposite of focusing too intently on one exam is being constantly distracted. It can be very difficult to ignore your social media accounts unless you consciously commit to ignoring those accounts while studying or creating an intentional structure (e.g. can check social media accounts at the end of each two-hour study session).

This time is going to be stressful, no doubt about it. But with the above tips and the help of the brothers and friends surrounding you, the end of the semester can be navigated successfully. And if you ever find yourself in need of some stress relief, watching the this America's Funniest Home Videos highlight reel can usually do the trick.

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