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Sigma Nu Mentor Network Launches New Features

Updates from Lexington

One year ago, Sigma Nu Fraternity launched the Sigma Nu Mentor Network – an on-demand mentoring platform, focused on professional and career development. Now the Fraternity is pleased to announce the addition of new features designed to enhance the experience of both advisors and advisees.

“The Sigma Nu Mentor Network exists because our members voiced their desire for more mentoring and networking opportunities, and this platform has been a tremendous opportunity for our brothers across the globe to connect with one another,” said Justin Wenger, Director of Member Engagement. “The new features that have been added will enhance the user experience and add more opportunities for our members to connect.”

The biggest change is the addition of new consultation types. “Originally, there were three consultation types available – Career Conversations, Resume Critique, and Mock Interview – but now there is a host of more specific consultation types, categorized by topic,” said Wenger. “These expanded consultation types will make greater use of advisors’ knowledge and expertise which will improve the experience of the advisees.”

New consultation categories include Career, Admissions, Academic, Startups and Business, and Opportunities. Within each of these categories, new consultation types have been added to specify and enhance the professional development conversation between advisor and advisee.

Other features and updates that have been added include:

  • Updated advisor profiles. Advisor profiles now show their availability, making it easier for advisees to book consultations.
  • Advisee profiles. Now, advisees can provide a short summary, list their career goals, and share their consultation feedback from advisors. Unlike advisor profiles, advisee profiles will not be searchable and can only be viewed by advisors that the advisee consults with.
  • Message templates. To help improve the consultation experience, advisees now have the option to use a message template that will help provide some clarity and direction to the advisor(s) with whom the advisee is consulting.
  • Updated scheduling calendar. The scheduling calendar has been simplified to make it easier to request a time to connect.

Mentoring and networking are important aspects to the college and fraternity experience, as well as a person’s ongoing professional development. For alumni, it’s an opportunity to give back and better prepare the next generation. For students, it’s an opportunity to connect and learn from the experiences of those who came before them. For Sigma Nu Fraternity, it’s an obligation to our mission.

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