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My College of Chapters Journal (UCLA)

College of Chapters

Editor's Note - Over the duration of the 2019 College of Chapters, we enlisted several attendees to journal their four-day experience through Sigma Nu's premier leadership training program. Participants chose from several prompts provided and answered their selections at the end of each day.

This journal comes from Epsilon Pi Chapter (UCLA) Commander, Dominic Collins.

Day 1 - Arrival

What was your journey like to Roanoke for College of Chapters?

It was trying, taxing, stressful, and rewarding. Hopefully an apt metaphor for my role to come as Eminent Commander. I took a red-eye from California, got delayed an hour, and sprinted to the final boarding call at my connecting flight. But, I'm incredibly excited and can feel the energy in the air. 

Coming into College of Chapters, what are some of the challenges that your chapter faces? What do you want to improve on this semester?

We are a strong chapter in my view, but not without faults. I think we could serve to become a more well-rounded chapter altogether. We can improve the roles of our officers in seemingly less important roles, and perhaps have more internal structure carry over year-to-year in our operational procedures.

What was your first chapter meeting like at College of Chapters? What chapters were represented in your chapter group? Who were your chapter facilitators?

I felt really comfortable and able to articulate my thoughts in a substantive way. I absolutely loved the message my Division Commander Jordan Wu (Cal Poly Pomona) delivered and my initial impression of him. He seemed like he could really connect with our unique situations.

Day 2 - Curriculum

What were your chapter meetings like today? What was the focus of the chapter meetings?

My meetings were intimate and authentic. They focused on developing vision and strategy. I was also able to share and receive constructive feedback from other Sigma Nu Commanders around the country.

What ideas have you picked up from other Commanders at College of Chapters?

I've picked up small operational improvements, as well as alternative perspectives and strategies I can use to motivate my chapter. 


Day 3 - Pilgrimage to Lexington, Va.

What was it like to visit Sigma Nu Headquarters and VMI?

It was inspiring to engage with such a rich history. It's sometimes hard to really feel that unless you venture out from the West Coast.

What is one thing you didn't know?

I didn't understand the explicit nature of driving values behind what we do as Commanders. It gave a fundamental framework of morality that I can now use.

What are three words that you would use to describe your College of Chapters experience?

Empowering. Reflective. Diverse.


Day 4 - Departure

What have you realized about your role as Commander from your time at College of Chapters? What have you learned about yourself?

I think I've realized I'm far more capable, competent, and confident than I thought I was. I now have a more refined approach to funnel that feeling into leading my chapter. 


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