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Continuing Values-Based Recruitment


Without a doubt, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will necessitate an adjustment in every chapter’s recruitment efforts. However, it is still important to continue to use the chapter’s year-round recruitment plan, with some necessary adjustments. The Fraternity has created a list of ideas and suggestions to assist chapters in successfully adjusting and executing their year-round recruitment plans.

Tools for Recruitment Committee Meetings
  • For one-one-one calls, members can take advantage of apps such as FaceTime (iOS), Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.
  • For group meetings, Google offers its users access to Hangouts that can support up to 10 users at a time. For larger groups, Zoom also offers free video conferencing for up to 100 people for 40 minutes. Chapters could also purchase a Zoom subscription for as little as $15/month which would provide access to more participants and unlimited call time.
Recruitment Ideas and Suggestions
  • Potential New Member (PNM) Check-In — Have the Recruitment Committee contact all potential new members on the Master Prospect List (MPL) to check in with them. Consider asking how they are adjusting to everything and provide insight into how the chapter intends to continue to move forward. This is an excellent time to polish a relationship with a PNM and show them we are a brotherhood that looks out for each other. It is essential to maintain contact with your PNMs!
  • Grow Your MPL — Spring signifies a time when most high school students chose their college or university. Since your members are spread out, potentially across the country in each of their hometowns, they may be more aware of who will be attending your school in the fall. If your chapter does not use an MPL name generation competition, maybe now is the time to do so. For example, the member that gathers the most names until your chapter returns to school will get $100 off Fall 2020 member dues or every name put into the MPL is an entry for a raffle. A great way to find potential new members coming to your school is through your local high schools’ college counselors or social media. Have your chapter or colony Instagram account follow hashtags and accounts that associate with your incoming freshman class. Then, whenever male freshman posts the tag, or follows the account, have your chapter or colony’s account follow him, or perhaps direct message him over the summer and introduce him virtually to your brotherhood.
  • Sharpen the Recruitment Plan — Your chapter’s year-round recruitment plan might be good, but when is the last time it was updated? It is always good to “sharpen the saw” by updating your plan to improve the process. A great resource that addresses the core elements of a solid recruitment plan and process is the Recruitment & Manpower Action Plan.
  • Begin Planning Summer Recruitment —Yes, it may be uncertain when the social distancing guidelines are relaxed, but you can always plan for future recruitment seasons. If your chapter implements recruitment in the summer, have your Recruitment Committee begin planning for it. When planning for any event(s), be sure that there is a back-up plan in case restrictions continue through the summer and affect your ability to host an in-person event(s). If you reserve a space, make sure there is clear verbiage in the contract to cancel or postpone without penalty. If it is a sporting event, make sure the event will provide a refund if it is canceled or postponed. If the pandemic forces continued social distancing into the summer, be tactful on one-on-one phone calls to the potential new members you would invite to your summer events. Have a “phone strategy” that has the chapter or colony engage in three or more touchpoints with PNMs over the phone throughout the summer. Consider allowing your alumni to contact PNMs as well.
  • Begin Planning Fall Recruitment — If your school does not allow summer contact with students regarding recruitment, begin planning your fall recruitment! Look back at past fall recruitment results. Were they successful? Are you re-inventing the wheel? Are you mobilizing your members to be the best recruiters? Again, sharpen your chapter’s recruitment plan to be the best recruiter on your campus. Also, the scenario plans for the possibility of virtual classes continuing into the fall semester. How does that impact your plan? How will you adjust to still effectively recruit new members?

If you have any questions or need assistance with your chapter’s recruitment plans, please contact your chapter’s Leadership Consultant.

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