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Chapter Communications

It is important for the executive officers to establish and implement a strategic communications plan to keep all stakeholders appropriately informed. The pandemic is unprecedented and ever-evolving. This reality can create a lot of questions and confusion; therefore, establishing a sound and thoughtful communication plan ensures chapter brothers – collegiate and alumni – are informed and connected.

Following are key components to be included in a communications plan for this period of virtual operations:

Build a comprehensive contact list of chapter stakeholders. In addition to current chapter members, stakeholders of the chapter include parents, alumni, college/university officials, advisory board members, house corporation officers, and other student organizations. Your Leadership Consultant and the Director of Member Engagement can assist, if needed, in this effort, particularly with alumni contacts.

Inform alumni, and other stakeholders, about the chapter’s plans. As the chapter confirms its plans, communicate these plans to your stakeholders. With all the changes to daily life, alumni, and others, will appreciate periodic notes from the chapter that lets them know:

  • The collegiate chapter brothers are “okay.”
  • How the chapter is operating.
  • How they can stay connected with the chapter.
  • How they can possibly support the collegiate Brothers.

Make use of social media, effectively. First, determine the purpose of each social media channel the chapter uses. For example, Facebook might be used to provide general updates about the chapter’s operations and activities. Instagram could be used primarily as a means for recruitment promotion and marketing. Group email and texting can keep conversations organized by operational areas among officers and committees. Second, remember the internet is forever and “private” isn’t necessarily private. Establish some commonsense guidelines to help guide the chapter’s use of these tools – 10 Must-Haves for Your Social Media Policy.

Set a schedule. When it comes to communications, it is important that the sharing of information occurs in a timely, organized fashion. Chapters are encouraged to provide periodic updates (see #2 above). Then, follow a set schedule for ongoing communications, based on the medium to be used. For example:

  • Chapter Updates on Operations/Wellbeing to Stakeholders
                       - Every 2 weeks
                       - Facebook
  • Recruitment Promotion/Marketing to Potential New Members
                       - Every 2 weeks through Summer 2020
                       - Every week from August 1 to September 1
                       - Instagram
  • Alumni Update/Newsletter
                      - Two issues – Summer 2020 and beginning of Fall 2020
                      - Email

Be Real. Be Positive. Be Flexible. The situation is complicated and confounding. For the health of the chapter, the brothers, and the other stakeholders, it is important that the news and information coming from the chapter is real. If the chapter needs assistance in an area, do not be afraid to ask. When the chapter has an opportunity to share positive news, do not let that chance pass you by. Brothers, and other stakeholders, will want to hear about the good things that are happening with the chapter. Finally, be flexible. The ever-changing situation of the coronavirus pandemic will require chapters to be flexible in all aspects of ongoing operations.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your chapter’s communications plan, please contact your chapter’s Leadership Consultant or the Fraternity’s Director of Communications.

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