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The Navigators program is targeted to those brothers who believe they have identified their desired career field. The goal of Navigators is to provide participants with a realistic expectations of what it will be like to work in their field of choice. This goal is accomplished through small peer groups, based on anticipated career field (eg., lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc.).

Each peer group will be led by one or two alumni mentors who either currently work, did work, or have extensive experience in the career field of their small group. Participants in the Navigators program will experience a deep-dive into their selected areer field and learn:

  • Educational and certification requirements for entry into their field.
  • How to find employment in the field.
  • What to do to prepare for a job in the field.
  • Reality of their first year on the job.

The Navigators groups will create an opportunity for participants to engage in open conversations about their chosen career field with peers and mentors. These conversations will allow participants to develop relationships that can support and guide further professional development. 

To participate in the Navigators program, interested brothers will need to register. The annual registration period will be announced soon as the General Fraternity finalizes the needed resources and tools.

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