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Consultation Musts

There are two components that make up the chapter consultation: The “Must Haves” and the “Menu.” Both are geared toward the improvement of the chapter: the “Must Haves” establish a minimum standard for what our Consultants attempt to complete at each, and every, chapter/colony they visit, while the "Menu" allows chapters to personalize their on-site consultation through the selection of focus areas and appropriate additional officer meetings and workshops.

 Must Have Meetings and Descriptions

Learn more about the Consultation "Menu".

An overview of the “Must Haves” is below.


In their work with collegiate chapters/colonies, one of the most important things a Leadership Consultant can do to assist the chapter is to put them in a position to operate effectively and efficiently. Thus, the leadership consultant program focuses on the training and education of the following key chapter officers.

    • Commander
    • Lt. Commander
    • Treasurer
    • Recorder
    • Marshal
    • Chaplain
    • LEAD Chairman
    • Recruitment Chairman
    • Risk Reduction & Social Chairman
    • Scholarship Chairman

These officers have been included in the “Must Haves” because they most directly affect chapter operations and the fraternity experience provided within the chapter. Further, these officers directly correlate with key operational areas of the Pursuit of Excellence Program. In these meetings, Leadership Consultants:

  1. Train each of these officers on the duties and responsibilities of their office and provide them some guidance on how to effectively implement new ideas on fulfilling their responsibilities;
  2. Work with each chapter officer to set goals (i.e. what they might do to take their role to the next level) for their term in office, regardless of how long the officer will be in that position. 
  3. Work with the officer to determine the greatest strength of his position, as it relates to how the chapter conducts its business (e.g. what is the best thing the chapter does in relation to LEAD, recruitment, candidate education, etc.), and then work with the officer to make that strength the inspiration of the rest of the chapter’s programs related to that position;
  4. Ensure the officer’s contact information is updated and that he is aware of his username, password, and the functionality of the Members Area.


In addition to officers, there are a number of groups within the chapter, and advisors outside of the chapter, that make up the “Must Have” portion of each chapter consultation. A quick summary of those individual and group meetings is linked below.

 Must Have Meetings and Descriptions

  • Fraternity/Sorority Advisor
  • Chapter Advisor/Alumni Advisory Board Chairman
  • Division Commander
  • Candidate Class Meeting
  • LEAD Session Facilitation
  • Executive Committee Meeting
  • Chapter Meeting (if applicable)

Standard Workshops

Starting in 2015-2016, the Fraternity included chapter workshops into the standard consultation for chapters and colonies. In the fall and/or spring of an academic year the consultation includes a special training or educational session for all chapters and colonies. This might include one of the Fraternity's Strengths Workshops (Social or Bystander), a special program on mental health, education on the Fraternity's anti-hazing heritage, or another special program identified by the Fraternity. 

For 2018-2019, the Fraternity will be including the first two lessons of the Behind Happy Faces collegiate member program - a peer-facilitated introduction to mental health and coping skills. Spring consultations will include the updated "A Different Look at Hazing" workshop. 

Social Strengths is an interactive workshop focusing on sexual assault and bystander intervention. Bystander Strengths teaches students techniques to identify potentially problematic situations and how to directly or indirectly intervene, working through scenarios related to sexual assault, alcohol misuse, drug use, mental health, hazing, and more.

Learn more about the Social Strengths and Bystander Strengths workshops. 

Learn more about the Consultation "Menu".

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