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HazingPrevention.Org (“HPO”) is a not-for-profit organization committed to fulfilling its mission of “empowering people to prevent hazing in college and university student groups.”

Sigma Nu’s Relationship & Why It’s Important

HazingPrevetion.OrgIn keeping with the Fraternity’s anti-hazing legacy and ongoing commitment, and its belief that HPO is in a unique position to make a real impact in preventing hazing on college campuses, Sigma Nu has been a sponsor and supporter of HPO since its founding in 2007. Additionally, numerous staff, alumni volunteers, and collegians have served HPO in a variety of leadership roles.  Notably, Past Regent Joe Gilman (Morehead State/Georgia) has served as president of HPO’s Board of Directors.

With the support of Sigma Nu and other important partners, HPO is leading the effort to advance the hazing prevention movement.  Hopefully, with the continued work of Sigma Nu, HPO, and many others, we can one day realize the vision of our Founders for a hazing-free college experience.

#40Answers Campaign

In 2010, Sigma Nu pioneered the use of crowdsourcing to engage constituents around the country in a hazing prevention discussion leading up to National Hazing Prevention Week.  This project, which came to be known as the #40Answers Campaign, experienced overwhelming success in its first year with hundreds of posts contributing to the conversation.

The primary objective of the campaign is to engage interdisciplinary professionals, volunteers, and students in a virtual dialogue answering the question, “How would you respond to this common excuse for hazing in 140 characters or fewer?”  Due to the unique position of HazingPrevention.Org in the hazing prevention community, it only seemed natural for Sigma Nu to partner with HPO for future #40Answers Campaigns.

With this new partnership, #40Answers has experienced tremendous growth with typically over 2,500 answers provided each year to the most common arguments for hazing.  These answers come from students, athletes, coaches, student affairs professionals, alumni, and hazing prevention experts. 

The 2016 #40Answers Campaign is August 10 – September 18, 2016. The list of excuses can be found here.

Please also review the compiled answers from the 2010 campaign, 2011 campaign, 2012 campaign and 2013 campaign.  These resources provide a multitude of good starting points when entering a conversation with someone who has used, like so many before them, one of the most commonly heard excuses for hazing.

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