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Who Do We Allow to Define Us?

Updates from Lexington

For far too long we have permitted the unruly minority of fraternity membership to define us. That has resulted in the framing of a typical fraternity man to be more along the lines of the TotalFratMove farce rather than the values-based gentleman most members encompass. With the 2018 launch of the #MyFraternity campaign, our community is retaking control of that narrative by providing a platform to showcase what a true fraternity man really values.  

The #MyFraternity posts have been inspiring and a healthy reminder of the valuable impact fraternity continues to have on our collegiate and alumni members, and the larger society. However, as valuable as #MyFraternity, and it’s companion site, has been in providing a platform to showcase the good of fraternity, the upcoming holiday of Halloween has been, historically, a platform for the unfortunate few that have tarnished the fraternity reputation for far too long.  

Each year a few fraternity chapters and members select party themes and Halloween costumes that mock the very values we espouse to support. Themes and costumes that glorify sexism, cultural appropriation, and antiquated stereotypes. Themes and costumes end up wrongly defining far too many chapters and fraternity men.  

In the spirit of the #MyFraternity campaign, each of us is challenged to no longer allow the minority to define us. To no longer allow the inappropriate party theme or costume idea to be carried out. To stand up and defend our sacred values of Love, Honor, and Truth. Let this be the year in which the majority finally comes to define the public understanding of what being a fraternity man is truly about.  

Will your chapter and members continue to reinforce our 151-year legacy of being the Legion of Honor? Will your character and values define the person you are? Or will you allow a Halloween costume or party theme attire come to define you and our great Fraternity?   

We stand ready to support your chapter in selecting appropriate themes and organizing safe social events. Check out the Fraternity’s Social Planning WebpageAlso, do not hesitate to contact your chapter’s Leadership Consultant to talk through your event ideas and questions. 

With your help, we will ensure that our Fraternity is poised to thrive for another 151 years. 

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