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A Message from Regent Maury Gaston in Celebration of Thanksgiving

I increasingly observe people say Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. They and so many others say this sentiment is due to less stress, fewer tasks, and more time with family and friends. A huge meal filled with memorable recipes handed down through the years and a full card of great college football helps, too. 

Studies show those who are thankful and express their thankfulness to others have better health, a brighter outlook on life, and a stronger spirit of service to others, all of which result in a multiplication of thankfulness for the best collegiate and alumni Fraternity experience in America. 

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God …”  1 Thessalonians 5:18

It’s often pointed out this scripture does not say to give thanks FOR everything, but to give thanks IN everything.  A heart of gratitude and thankfulness develops a spirit and action of service and love. Our Fraternity is an ideal incubator for such a heart. I know I am grateful for my Sigma Nu experience and Sigma Nu relationships. It’s made a tremendous positive difference in my life, and I know in yours as well. 

Things from the Creed and its Preamble for which I am thankful and grateful include:

    • the loyal love of faithful friends –
    • the friendships that will abide –
    • the sainted memory of our loved and lost –
    • the spirits of Gentleness, Justice, and Mercy –
    • the Knighthood of Love –
    • the estimation of a man’s character first, his culture second, and his pedigree not at all –
    • the chivalrous deeds of courtesy –
    • the love and care of an incorruptible woman –
    • the Knighthood of Honor –
    • the touch of tenderness –
    • every altar of faith built in God’s name –
    • the gospel of human service –
    • the melody of birds, the laughter of children –
    • the unmeasured sacrifice of motherhood –
    • the ceaseless yearning of all men for a wider outlook and nobler existence –
    • the peace of autumn days -
    • the solemnity of boundless seas –
    • the spirits of Hope and Faith –
    • the achievements of arts and science, religion and learning, labor and law –
    • American liberty, democracy, religion, and culture –
    • the ancient rights of human freedom –
    • the newer rights of social service –
    • the full stature of a noble manhood –
    • the visions of our youth –
    • the Faith of our Fraternity –
    • the inspiring ideal of a militant Brotherhood –
    • the Knighthood of Truth –

And since each of you has pledged your fidelity to these virtues, I’m grateful for you. 

May the Supreme Regent of the Universe bless you and your family and those others whose paths we prepare this Thanksgiving and every day.

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