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What Can I Give?


The easiest and most often used way for you to support Sigma Nu is with cash gifts or checks. When you make a cash gift by currency, credit card or check, you and Sigma Nu reap the benefit. Your contribution enables us to address our most urgent needs and fulfill our mission on a daily basis. Your benefit includes:

    • You choose how your gift is used.
    • You see the immediate results of your generosity.
    • You receive an immediate charitable deduction on your federal income taxes.

You can make a cash gift by clicking the "DONATE" button at the top of the page.


Making a contribution through donation of Securities is easy and you will receive an income tax deduction for the value of the stock contributed. Using securities to make a gift to support Sigma Nu may also reduce your capital gains tax impact. Completing a contribution in this way is simple and you receive an income tax deduction. If you are in possession of the physical securities, you can simply hand-deliver or mail us the stock. If you don’t have possession of the physical securities,  you can instruct your broker to transfer your shares and notify us when the transfer is complete. Upon completion of the transfer, we immediately sell the securities to receive the cash proceeds.

Real Estate

Gifts of real estate offer significant advantages. Avoid the complexities of selling a piece of property while realizing valuable income and estate tax deductions. Using real estate, such as your house, farm or commercial property, to fund a gift to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation allows you to make a sizable gift while preserving your cash assets.

Savings Bonds

As one of the most widely-held appreciated assets, savings bonds are normally taxed when cashed, reissued to another person, or reach final maturity. Fortunately, you can reduce, or even eliminate, income taxes when you choose to leave your bonds to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, Inc. Using appreciated savings bonds to fund a gift to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation can help you put these assets to good use while offering tax advantages.

Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plan assets that are passed to an heir can be reduced by income tax by up to 39.6%. In contrast, as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation is eligible to receive the full amount and bypass any federal taxes. Consider naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of your plan to avoid these costly taxes.

Life Insurance

Making Sigma Nu Educational Foundation the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy can help you fulfill your desire to support our work as well as expand your ability to make a significant gift. A life insurance policy with accumulated cash value can be a source of funds for a contribution to our mission. When the original purpose for the protection no longer applies—such as to educate children now grown or to provide financial security for a spouse now deceased—your life insurance can be redirected to help support a worthwhile cause. Consider naming the Foundation as a beneficiary to reduce the tax liability for your future estate.


For further information or questions on any of the ways to give listed above, please contact us at (540) 463-1030 or foundation@sigmanu.org.

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