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Yates Legacy Society

Most people are familiar with the poem "The Bridge Builder." This timeless poem tells the story of a man who builds a bridge, not for himself, but for generations to come. Sigma Nu is fortunate to have had such a builder in William P. "Bud" Yates (Beta Rho/Pennsylvania), who made a bequest to Sigma Nu in 1945. Brother Yates left three-quarters of his estate to Sigma Nu, resulting in the formation of the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, Inc. To salute Brother Yates for his vision and generosity, the Yates Legacy Society was established in 2000.

The Yates Legacy Society includes those individuals who have designated the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation in their estate plans. This can be accomplished through bequests, life insurance, trusts, or any other documented planned gift arrangement. To date, over 100 Brothers and/or their spouses have realized the tremendous benefits of making a planned gift to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation. With effective gift planning, you can:

    • Increase your current and future income (with ranges of 5%-12%, a portion of which may be tax-free)
    • Reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes for gifts of appreciated assets
    • Reduce current income taxes
    • Reduce estate taxes; and, 
    • Create a legacy for your family and Sigma Nu.

If you want to have a tremendous impact on the well-being of Sigma Nu, while helping to provide for the development of ethical leaders, then, you should join the Yates Legacy Society.

The Foundation staff can help you determine the gift plan that will best fit your particular financial needs and your philanthropic intentions. Whichever gift option you choose, you can be certain your support will be gratefully received and will make a tangible and indelible difference in the lives of future generations of Sigma Nus. Please contact us at foundation@sigmanu.org or call 540-463-1030 for additional information or assistance.

The Yates Legacy Society Members

Lee A. & Reba G. Absher
Dennis K. Aust
Richard W. Averill
Edward Barnes
Douglas A. Benson
Howard H. & Margaret A. Braverman
James C. Cherry
Arthur B. Chitty, Jr.
John S. Clark
Timothy Culbertson
Joseph G. Cutler
John D. Davies
R. Means Davis
Margaret C. Davis
Robert C. Dickinson
Scott L. Dingle
John R. Dolan
John Draughn
Hoyt Eells
E. Thomas Eggert, II
William C. Elks, Jr.
Donald C. Fancher
Glenn W. Forman
James E. Foy, V.
Edward Freeman
Irvin & Frances Garrett
Wayne H. Gillis
Joseph M. Gilman
Robert A. Gingras
Mary Gorman
Christopher W. Graham
Walter C. Gross, Jr.
Michael Hainkel
Joseph J. Harand
John Harralson
William H. Harrison
Richard D. Harwood
Bradley L. Hastings
William H. Hermann, Jr.
George E. Holy
Donald A. Jackson
Raymond W. Klink
Amanda Koerth
Austin S. & Tina O. Landry
Durelle C. Lane
Gavin R. Larrimer
Maurice E. Littlefield
Michael D. Long
William Long
Oliver G. Ludwig
Robert N. Maddox
Robert L. Marchman, III
Richard M. Marcks
Phillip Marks
Don K. Martin
Charles Mavity
James D. McCracken
James E. Miles
Lomax Napper
William B. Oakley
Michael D. Osterhout
James A. Owens
William W. Palmer
Thomas B. Panko
Henry C. Pownell, Jr.
Michael E. Profenno
James H. Reiman
Kelly J. Ridgway
David Riles
George E. Ristow
Edward M. Roberts
Daniel Rodriguez
Bruce A. Roullard
Arthur B. Rupert
J. Paul Scheetz
Richard Schultz
J. Harry Shannon
Gerald R. Sherratt
Charles L. Short
William S. Smith
Walter T. Smith
Brent C. Sobol
George A. Spooner, Jr.
Gerald J. Starika
John F. & Evelyn C. Steen
W. Selden Steiger
Willis W. Stevenson
David W. Stockmeier
William K. Stoffer
Charles Terrill
Ralph W. Thomas, Jr.
Randall L. Ward
Joseph A. Weber, Jr.
Robert A. Webster, Jr.
Herman B. Wells
Charles H. Weyhenmeyer, Jr.
E.G. White
Samuel E. Williams
Fred R. Wittnebert
James D. & Teresa M. Wright
Gerry Zimmerman

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