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Headquarters Property

The Headquarters Property includes the main General Fraternity Headquarters building, the Ethichal Leadership Center, Carriage House Barracks (which sleeps 40 men and is used by over 30 chapters per year), the Pathway of Honor, and Robert L. Marchman III Memorial Flag Pavilion. We also have exciting plans for future renovations and additions the the Headquarters Property, including the Spears Family Epsilon Epsilon Center for Excellence. 

For information about the Robert L. Marchman III Memorial Flag Pavilion and the project to add a War Memorial, please click here.

If you are interested in helping to preserve our beautiful and historic Headquarters Shrine and Educational Foundation Shrine, please contact us at foundation@sigmanu.org.

Property Maintenance and Improvement Funds

  • Charles B. Daniel Carriage House Maintenance Fund
  • Omega Society (Debt Reduction) Fund
  • James W. Bibbins Memorial

Property Maintenance and Improvement Endowment Funds

  • James W. Bibbins Memorial Educational Center Library Endowment Fund
  • James L. Burton Educational Center Endowment Fund
  • Joseph G. and Sue Cutler Educational Center Endowment Fund
  • Richard R. Fletcher Honor Library Endowment Fund
  • Charles E. Palmer Hall of Honor Endowment Fund
  • Klara B. and Milton V. Sanden Founder's Room Endowment Fund
  • David C. Underwood Museum Endowment Fund
  • Alpha Room Endowment Fund
  • Smith Hall Endowment Fund
  • Tree Endowment Fund

Other Funds

  • Robert N. Maddox Honor Lecture Fund
  • Kenneth T. Norris [Norris Foundation] (Southern California Chapters) Scholarship for Undergraduate LEAD Advisors Fund
  • Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. LEAD Program Fund
  • Disaster Relief Fund
  • Lt. Col. George E. Holy Fund

Other Endowment Funds

  • Mo and Julia Littlefield Endowment Fund
  • Bradley G., Ann, and Perry McDonald Educational Endowment Fund
  • Assistance to become Alcohol-Free Chapters Endowment Fund

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