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Will You Add A Brother?

As we head into the last 30 days of our fiscal year, I am writing to ask for your assistance.

As a donor, you understand the importance of investing in Sigma Nu. You believe in the values of love, honor and truth. You understand that investing in our collegiate brothers is a way to build ethical leaders. You value what the Sigma Nu experience can do for collegians.

One thing that you can do today to help our Fraternity is to Add a Brother.

Would you consider asking one brother to join you and support Sigma Nu and make a participation gift of any amount by June 30, 2021?

Our aspirational goal is to double the number of donors from 2,370 (last year’s total) to 4,740. This would make an incredible difference as we work together to protect, strengthen and advance Sigma Nu.

Sample Email or Text Message Language

Brother _____,

I’d like you to join me in supporting Sigma Nu by giving a gift to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation by June 30th.

Your investment will help protect, strengthen and advance Sigma Nu, and ensure our more than 10,000 collegians have a transformational experience.

To give a gift, please go to http://www.sigmanu.org/donate or mail to Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 1869, Lexington, VA 24450 so it arrives by June 30.

Thank you in advance for your support!



Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Sigma Nu need my support?

  1. We are at a point in our history that has unique challenges and opportunities for Sigma Nu. Society demands that we show the value of a young man belonging to a single-sex student organization. A recent lawsuit at Yale involved students who sued for the right to belong to a single-sex student organization (fraternity, sorority). Sigma Nu supported this effort because it could impact the rights of college students across the nation to join a fraternity.
  2. Our nation needs us to develop ethical leaders to focus on doing not only things right but the right thing. Sigma Nu’s mission of creating ethical leaders makes us uniquely qualified to focus on this important work.
  3. Sigma Nu has given to each of us in many ways. It has provided lifelong friendships, wisdom, and guidance from older brothers. In our earliest moments as a Sigma Nu, we made a vow to uphold the values and ideals of our great Fraternity and to preserve its honor.
  4. If Sigma Nu alumni don’t invest in Sigma Nu, who will?
  5. Right now, collegians provide 90% of the resources to keep Sigma Nu alive and moving forward. That model is not sustainable. To be able to provide this opportunity for another 150 years, we need alumni to invest in Sigma Nu. At our peer fraternity foundations, this percentage is between 70 and 75 percent.
  6. Men’s fraternities provide a unique opportunity for young men to develop their confidence, self-awareness, interpersonal and leadership skills. Colleges can’t provide that type of high-impact and focused experience to develop young men.
  7. As a fraternity, Sigma Nu is in the top tier in many areas. However, when you look at alumni support, we are ranked #16 of 54 fraternity foundations in total annual support (From the 2016 State of the Industry Report). When you look at our total net assets, we are #17 of 54 fraternity foundations. (2016 State of the Industry Report). We will not be able to move forward and achieve our goals in the future without a different level of support from Sigma Nu alumni.
  8. As an organization, we are hindered every day by our lack of resources. With the support of more alumni, we would be able to do things differently and increase the impact on our collegians, engage our alumni in a greater way and provide additional training and resources for our alumni volunteers. We would be able to do a better job in creating ethical leaders for our country.
  9. Ultimately, investments by donors will support young men who will become ethical leaders who will make a positive impact on their profession, community, and our nation. We need to develop this type of leader more than ever.
  10. Each of us benefited as collegians from the service and sacrifice of brothers who came before us. Now it’s our turn to give back...and invest in the next generation of Sigma Nu brothers. With our help, they can “Excel with Honor.”

When does my gift need to be in?

Our fiscal year ends on June 30th at 11:50pm. All gifts need to be delivered via USPS or online by that time to be counted in the fiscal year.

Can I give a gift through by Donor Advised Fund?

Yes, please email David Mainella at david.mainella@sigmanu.org to get our EIN number and instructions.

Can I give a gift of stock?

Yes, please email David Mainella at david.mainella@sigmanu.org to ask for instructions.


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