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Mentoring & Networking

Many brothers, particularly upperclassmen, may be wondering what they should be doing in terms of professional and career development.

It will be important for the LEAD Chairman, Chaplain, and/or upperclassmen to identify and discuss what options are available to expand the professional mentoring and networking opportunities for brothers. The General Fraternity wants to ensure that brothers are aware of the following opportunities to sustain ongoing professional development.

1. Sigma Nu Mentor Network. The Sigma Nu Mentor Network is an on-demand mentoring platform focused on the professional and career development of our brothers.

Advisors on the mentor network are Sigma Nu alumni and can play an integral role in the professional development of their fellow Sigma Nu brothers. Advisees, which can be collegiate or alumni brothers, can search the network to identify advisors they wish to meet with, virtually, about professional development and career advice.

Advisees can also review the network’s job board, which identifies those advisors who may be helpful, in some form, to each of the posted openings. A catalog of webinars is also available to advise. These webinars address topics including writing cover letters, interview tips, optimizing a LinkedIn profile, and panel discussions about various industries.

Registering on the network is simple. You can register with your LinkedIn profile, or you can register manually, which only takes a few minutes. Additional information about the Sigma Nu Mentor Network is available here.

2. Sigma Nu’s LinkedIn Group. Sigma Nu’s LinkedIn group includes more than 10,000 brothers and can serve as a great opportunity to connect and network with alumni. LinkedIn is one of the premier professional networks today boasting 675 million monthly users, including 51% of all Americans with a college education, and 30 million companies represented. With more than 10,000 brothers in the group, the Sigma Nu group includes both collegiate and alumni brothers and a wide array of industries, fields, and positions.

Sigma Nu’s LinkedIn Group is an unlisted group, meaning you will need to request to join.

3. LEAD Phase IV. Virtual group discussions centered around Phase IV sessions of LEAD can be a great opportunity for your chapter to continue to provide value to senior brothers. Especially in the current climate, these brothers may find themselves searching for some direction on what they need to be aware of as their collegiate career nears a conclusion. In particular, the following Phase IV sessions may be of interest:

  • Session 2: Networking
  • Session 4: Managing Your Money After Graduation
  • Session 5: Conflict
  • Session 6: Success Tips for the First Year on the Job

If you have any questions or need assistance with ways to engage and add value for your chapter’s brothers, please contact your chapter’s Leadership Consultant.

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