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LEAD - Phase I and Beyond

This list of ideas will guide LEAD Chairmen, Chaplains, Marshals, and advisors in helping brothers and candidates continue to develop into ethical leaders, even while operating virtually.

Self-Service Education and Development

The LEAD Online Resource Library contains supplemental and resource material for LEAD Phase I-IV sessions which allows participants to take a deep dive into each topic. Brothers and candidates can learn about Fraternity operations and history, explore ethical frameworks, and discover new leadership lessons on their own from their phone or computer.

Small-Group Discussion Sessions

Follow up an individual review session from the LEAD Online Resource Library with a discussion on key points, takeaways, lessons learned, and practical applications. These discussions could be held one-to-one, in small groups, or even organized by the Marshal or LEAD Chairman for an entire class of members.

Sigma Nu Talks make for great small group viewing and discussion.

  • Host a watch party (using Facebook or another social streaming service) to view and discuss the talk(s) in real-time.
  • Select one or more talks for brothers to view in advance of a group virtual meeting. Set up a time for a group discussion for a deeper dive into these videos and their application. Sigma Nu Talks are a curated selection of TED Talks and Keynotes from past Fraternity conclaves covering various topics related to Leadership, Values, and Social Issues. The Sigma Nu Talks guides include talks by topic as well as the video link, suggested audience and discussion leader, discussion questions, and application ideas.

Virtually Facilitated Sessions

While it may look a little different, it’s still possible to hold a traditional LEAD session in a virtual environment. Use a video conference tool (like Zoom or Microsoft Teams) to gather your participants and a facilitator for a live session. The General Fraternity has a limited number of Premium Account licenses available for free. Visit www.sigmanu.org/zoom to submit a request for one of these licenses. The Zoom “Breakout Rooms” function can be an effective tool to facilitate small group discussions as part of your LEAD session.

Facilitators may need to adapt the facilitator notes but participants can still benefit from group discussion and personal reflection during a virtual session.

  • LEAD Chairmen can reach out to an alumnus to serve as a virtual facilitator. Virtual facilitator recruitment should start with identifying which sessions the chapter is interested in holding, the size of the audience, the meeting tool to be used, and then scheduling the session around the availability of the facilitator.
  • Unable to find a local volunteer? Contact Scott Smith, scott.smith@sigmanu.org, for assistance in connecting with a staff member or volunteer to help lead your session. Share the phase & session name, expected audience size, and a selection of dates and times the session might be held.

Follow up your sessions using the reflection questions, application ideas, and ethical dilemma offered at the end of each session’s facilitator notes. These could make for a great follow-up session between the brothers or be used as an individual assignment to be returned to the LEAD Chairman.

Session Ideas & Highlights

Looking for something especially relevant and adaptable to a virtual session? We have you covered.

- The Behind Happy Faces Collegiate Member Program is designed for small groups (~10 members) and can be easily adapted to a virtual setting. These 15 to 25-minute lessons come with PowerPoint presentations and video introductions to each topic.

- V-A-R – learn more about the Validate, Appreciate, Refer mental health support tool. A video and discussion guide is included to teach and practice this concept with your Brothers, even during this time of virtual operations.

If you need additional assistance in this area, please contact your Leadership Consultant.

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