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Adjusting Community Service and Philanthropy Events

Many chapters are wondering what they should be doing with community service and philanthropy events.

Once you and your chapter members have settled, check in with your chapter’s Community Service and Philanthropy Committee, committee advisors, and community partners to assess the status of upcoming events. Campus response to COVID-19 may differ from state to state so it’s important to check in with state and local recommendations, as well as federal recommendations from the CDC.

If your scheduled events will be impacted by the COVID-19 response, which is likely, the General Fraternity recommends one of the following actions for your event.  

  • Postpone Your Event. Inform donors, supporters, and event attendees that the event is being postponed until further notice. If your campus has placed restrictions through the end of the spring academic term, you can inform supporters that the event will likely occur in the fall, at the earliest.
  • For Philanthropy Events, Consider Pivoting the Campaign or Event. Inform donors and prospective attendees that although the event is canceled, the chapter still intends to fundraise for the charity. Rather than hosting an in-person event, the chapter could potentially conduct an online fundraiser where the focus remains on helping the charity.

Related, consider shifting support towards one of many organizations doing important work to support people most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Also, consider encouraging chapter members to engage in “virtual” volunteerism. All for Good has a database of local virtual volunteering opportunities. 

  • Canceling the Event. Worst case scenario, the chapter must cancel the chapter’s scheduled community service and philanthropy events. For philanthropy events, we recommend sending an email to your donors/supporters asking if they would be willing to allow their donations/ticket sales/apparel purchases/etc. to remain with the chapter and be donated directly to the charity. Sometimes a simple ask goes a long way and many donors may be willing to allow their purchases to act as a donation to the charity. For community service events, notify the organization you intended to support right away and discuss a potential alternative date in a future semester.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your chapter’s community service and philanthropy efforts, please contact your chapter’s Leadership Consultant.

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