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Chapter Self-Assessment

At the end of each year, chapters are expected to come together and assess their performance in relation to the program standards and criteria for excellence. This self-assessment is intended to create a living conversation about each chapter's operations and alignment with Fraternity's mission and vision.

Chapter Self-Assessment Resources

The Fraternity's official instruction manual for chapters to use in creating their annual submission for the program. This step-by-step guide includes an overview of the program, guidance notes for completing the chapter's self-assessment session and instructions for completing and submitting the chapter self-assessment booklet and supporting documentation.

Self-Assessment Guide

The standard, formal booklet for chapters to complete as their annual submission of documentation for the program. This editable form should be completed and submitted by April 30.

Chapter Self-Assessment Booklet

Chapters are evaluated comparative to the Criteria for Excellence. The Evaluation Guidelines provide an objective scale for assessing chapters in their pursuit of excellence.

Evaluation Guidelines

At the end of each year, the General Fraternity staff will review each chapter's completed Self-Assessment Booklet and supporting documentation, as well as assessment team feedback, to determine overall performance in each subcategory. To determine ratings across each subcategory, the General Fraternity staff will use the evaluation guidelines, which define criteria for each achievement level in a subcategory from "poor" to "excellence." In addition, chapters will receive feedback from the staff and assessment team in regards to their improvement in each subcategory.

Chapters will receive an achievement level in each of the ten subcategories. Each year, those chapters who have reached an achievement level of "excellence" in at least three subcategories of a standard will receive recognition for the Pursuit of Excellence in that standard (e.g. a chapter is rated at the "excellence" level in all three subcategories of Values-Based Leadership would receive the Pursuit of Excellence in Values-Based Leadership award). Chapters who achieve an overall level of "excellence" for two to three years will be considered for Rock Chapter recognition in Grand Chapter years.



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