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Guest Facilitators

For the LEAD Program to be successful, we need excellent guest facilitators. They need to be role models, to share their experiences as leaders in their careers and to show that Sigma Nu is about ethical leadership. Participating as a LEAD facilitator is an opportunity to get involved in a chapter and help shape the lives of our collegiate members.

We seek individuals who are active in their community through professional organizations, church, politics or other community organizations, those who believe teaching and mentoring others can make an impact. We believe you have something valuable to share. We need your knowledge, guidance and commitment to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Specifically, we are looking for individuals to facilitate one or two sessions per semester. Preparation time for a session is minimal, usually sixty to ninety minutes. Session guidance notes for all sessions and online content is available for you to preview prior to the facilitation.

The role of the Guest Facilitator is a rather straightforward and simple one. The Guest Facilitator has overall responsibility for the assigned session. In fulfilling this role, they make certain the following are accomplished:

  1. The assigned session is reviewed for both the context of its specific learning objectives and its place within the overall LEAD Program.
  2. They are knowledgeable of the session material (online and facilitated portions).
  3. They review and become familiar with the online content from the session.
  4. They help recruit other facilitators when required or desired.
  5. They monitor the progress of the session, keeping in mind essential session objectives and time frame.
  6. They exercise control of the session to the extent necessary to meet session learning objectives and participant engagement. 

If you are interested in serving as a Guest Facilitator, or have already been approached by one of our chapters to serve in this capacity, please fill out the form below. In filling out the form you are requesting guest access to the online content of the LEAD Program.

*NOTE – Alumni with a Members Area account should already have access to the online content and do not need to complete this form.


Your Information

*By clicking submit you are requesting access to the LEAD Program’s online content. This content is accessible through the Members Area. If you already have a Members Area account, you do not need to request Guest Facilitator Access. After submitting, you should receive an e-mail with a Members Area username and password.

While it is not imperative to view the online content to conduct a successful and impactful facilitation, it certainly makes doing so easier. Complete Facilitator Guidance Notes should be provided by the chapter for any session and can also be found for respective phases at the following links:

Phase I 
Phase II 
Phase III 
Phase IV 
All Chapter LEAD Programming

Reviewing the online content prior to the facilitated session will give you a better sense of the knowledge base of the students and will allow for creating connections during the facilitation.

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