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Guidance for House Corporations

House Corporations should continue monitoring directives from campus and local, state, and federal officials to determine what, if any, steps the house corporation may need to take to align, or comply, with those directives.

Below are tips to assist with adjustments to normal chapter house operations:

- If the chapter facility is to be vacated, consult the Fraternity’s Summer Chapter House Maintenance Checklist resource for guidance on preparing and implementing appropriate monitoring safeguards for the vacancy period.

  • House Corporations should be prepared to assist residents that are unable to relocate. Consult the host institution to evaluate existing campus housing and/or other options.
  • At various times, many states have imposed a shelter-in-place, or similar, restriction. It is important to review what, if any, limitation your state or local government has imposed on travel and its impact on whether chapter house residents can legally relocate to their permanent home.

-  Review chapter house cleaning schedule and protocol. If possible, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to assist or lead the cleaning of the chapter facility. Consult the Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
- When chapter facilities are re-opened, there is likely to be an increased level of apprehension on the part of parents to have their child in a communal living environment. Establishing a formal cleaning program and communicating the details to potential occupants and their parents should be considered. A formal cleaning program should specify the frequency of cleaning for common areas, emptying trash receptacles, and scheduled checks on life safety items (e.g. smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, exit signs, etc.). Further, a formal cleaning program may also include periodic use of professional cleaning services.
- If the chapter facility has a commercial kitchen with a cook or food service vendor, discuss what foodservice adjustments will need to be made (e.g. pre-packaged food servings).
- Begin scenario planning immediately, if not being done already, for the possibility of the facility not being occupied for the remainder of the current academic year and strategies for effectively navigating the potential financial impact. Focus on expense management, especially expenses the house corporation controls (e.g. delaying capital expense projects, minimizing utility expenses and meal services).
- Begin planning for the possibility of the facility’s reopening being delayed, or occupancy being reduced.
- Encourage chapter house residents and guests to practice good hygiene. Consider posting the CDC’s Steps to Prevent Illness recommendations at various locations within the chapter facility, in addition to having several hand washing/hand sanitizer stations.
- North American Interfraternity Conference’s Fraternal Think Tank Housing Discussion is available for viewing with more detailed advice.

If you should have any follow-up questions or need additional assistance, please contact Fred Dobry, Director of Health and Safety, at fred.dobry@sigmanu.org.

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