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Fraternities and Sororities Join Forces To Prevent Sexual Assault

Brad Beacham, Executive Director
Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.
(540) 463-1869

April 13, 2015 

Led by Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and Sigma Nu fraternity, interfraternal organizations are taking a stand against sexual assault andrelational aggression with the development of a new educational program for college students. Recognizing that everyone plays arole in preventing sexual assault and creating a safer social culture, 10 fraternities and sororities have already signed on to roll out the program nationwide.

Inter/national Sororities:Alpha Xi DeltaDelta ZetaPi Beta PhiZeta Tau Alpha

Inter/national Fraternities:Alpha Tau OmegaDelta Sigma PhiKappa Alpha OrderPhi Gamma DeltaPhi Kappa TauSigma Nu

To develop a comprehensive approach to prevention, the groups worked with Aaron Boe, the founder of Prevention Culture, whichspecializes in non-stranger sexual assault and relational violence prevention, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention. Theprogram aims to equip collegians with the tools necessary to create safe and supportive chapter cultures. It covers topics includinghealthy standards for personal relationships, misconceptions about non-stranger sexual assault, intervention techniques forcomplicated social situations and ways to support a victim/survivor. Each group has worked with Boe to customize the program andimplementation options to meet its organizational needs.

“As leaders on campus, our collegiate members have the power to influence campus culture,” said Brad Beacham, Executive Directorof Sigma Nu. “Other students take their cues from fraternity and sorority members, and these ongoing programs are preparing themto spark a much needed shift in attitudes among all college students.”

“There is good reason to believe this shift is already beginning to take place, as demonstrated by the sexual assault preventioninitiatives emerging all over the country, many of which are being led by fraternity and sorority members. While there is still muchwork to be done, the momentum of this movement has been encouraging.

”Sigma Nu Fraternity has been educating its members to identify and prevent sexual assault for many years, long before recent mediacoverage brought the problem of campus sexual assault to the forefront of the issues facing higher education. Sigma Nu was influentialin calling for the GreekLifeEdu program that prepares students to prevent hazing, sexual assault and alcohol misuse. Sigma Nu was anearly adopter of the course when it launched in 2008. As of the start of the current academic year, 90 percent of Sigma Nu’s collegiatemembers have completed the course.

The program will launch this summer with full Sigma Nu implementation expected by the fall. Collegians will participate in two60-minute workshops—one on sexual assault prevention and one on bystander intervention—facilitated by trained staff. Volunteerswill also be given access to a virtual training program on sexual assault prevention and relationship violence.

Headquartered in Lexington, Va., Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 at Virginia Military Institute. The Fraternity currently has165 chapters and colonies and has initiated more than 235,000 members since its founding.



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