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2021 College of Chapters

Virtual Meeting Platform FAQs and Troubleshooting

The 2021 College of Chapters will be hosted on a virtual meeting platform. Attendees can use this page to find answers to commonly asked questions related to the meeting platform. If you need additional assistance, please contact Fred Dobry, College of Chapters Co-Coordinator, at cofc.info@sigmanu.org or (540) 784-1502.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Participant. How do I access the meeting platform?

You will receive an email from registrations@bizzabo.com. Prior to Day One of College of Chapters, please click “Complete Your Signup” to finish setting up your account on the College of Chapters meeting platform. You will need to input your email address (must be the same email address you received the registration email) and create a password. This is only needed the first time you access the meeting platform. The platform will remember you if you are accessing the event from the same device.

How do I attend sessions?

Once your registration on the meeting platform is complete, you will be able to access all College of Chapters sessions at cofc2021.sigmanu.org.

Each attendee has a customized individual schedule. You can review your schedule within the “Agenda” tab. This is where you will also need to go to join each meeting on your schedule. At your session time, click the “Broadcast” button under the session title. The broadcast will become available two minutes before the scheduled session start time.

What technology do I need?

At minimum, ensure you have a stable internet connection, high-definition webcam (most standard laptop cameras are sufficient), microphone (headset or other wired headphones with built-in microphone), and professional background in a well-lit location. Attending the event from a laptop or desktop will provide the optimal participant experience. Joining from a smartphone, tablet, or other device will limit platform functionality.

Okay I'm in my session. What do I need to know about this video platform?

College of Chapters is comprised of five different meeting types:

  1. General Session – a keynote or similar webinar-style presentation for all attendees
  2. Core Session – a webinar-style presentation teaching information on the core competencies of the Commander position
  3. Core Session Chapter Debrief – a video meeting to debrief and process the Core Session content
  4. Chapter Meeting – a video meeting of a small group of participants
  5. Breakout Session – a video meeting on a variety of topics you either selected or were pre-assigned when you completed the initial College of Chapters registration

Webinar-style presentations will limit video and microphone to only the designated presenter(s). Participants can share written thoughts using the Chat function. There are two tabs within the Chat function – Room Chat and Q&A – as seen below. Comments submitted in “Room Chat” are visible to all attendees. Comments submitted in “Q&A” are seen only by the presenters.

Video meetings will function much like a typical online video-based meeting with all attendees being able to participate with camera and microphone on, in addition to the same chat functions as described above.

When joining your first session, you may be prompted to grant Bizzabo permission to access your camera and microphone. Please do so to ensure you can fully participate in the meeting experience.

With access granted, turn on your camera feed by selecting the camera icon and turn on your microphone by selecting the microphone icon. When you are not answering a question or making a comment, you should keep your microphone on mute but keep your camera feed on. You can also use the raise hand function to prompt the facilitator to call on you. Clicking the segmented box will expand the meeting window to a full-screen view.

If you are having any issues with the camera feed not showing properly or your audio or microphone is not working correctly, select the settings icon (only visible when in full-screen view) to access settings to verify the platform is using the correct camera, microphone, and audio devices. Consult Bizzabo’s Attendee Troubleshooting Guide for additional troubleshooting guidance. If you continue having technical issues, call or text Fred Dobry, College of Chapters Co-Coordinator, at (540) 319-1393.

Somebody shared a great idea in a session I attended. Is there some way I can follow-up with them directly?

Yes, in the Community section of the platform is a directory of all College of Chapters attendees. Locate the person you are seeking and select “Send Message” to send a direct message to the meeting platform inbox. Keep an eye on your inbox in the top right for alerts of participant messages and event announcements.


I'm trying to login with my email, but it says there is no event associated - what's next?

Check your email inbox to find your original confirmation email, and double-check it was sent to the email you are attempting to log in with. The #1 problem with login is using the wrong email address. Make sure you check your spam or promotions folders to ensure your registration sign up email did not get trapped there.

If you think you registered and still cannot locate the original confirmation email, contact Fred Dobry, College of Chapters Co-Coordinator, at cofc.info@sigmanu.org.

No sessions appear on the Agenda page. What do I do?

You are likely not logged into the platform. This can happen if you are accessing the platform from a different device than you used to initially sign in or have cleared your internet browser cache since last logging into the platform. Click “Find My Ticket” at the bottom of the event page to begin the process of logging back into the platform.

I am receiving an "Access Denied" or similar message when attempting to join a session. What do I do?

Your browser settings likely need to be adjusted to allow 3rd party cookies. Below is guidance on how to do so for commonly used internet browsers.

Using a Mac with Safari

  • Use another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera...)
  • Change your Safari Preferences
    • Go to the Safari menu and select Preferences - Privacy.
    • Make sure the option under Website tracking for Prevent cross-site tracking is unchecked.
    • Go to your course and click the Media Gallery or My Media link under Media.
    • Once you do this, it should allow the cookie and then you can go back and put your setting back to Allow from websites I visit (or another setting you prefer).

Using an iPhone or iPad

If you are using iOS 13.6 on a mobile device (iPhone or iPad) you will need to disable Prevent cross-site tracking which is found in the Safari Settings.

You can also get an error message when using the Chrome app if it has been set to block third-party cookies. Follow the below steps to adjust this setting:

  • Go to Settings in the 3-dot menu
  • Go down to the bottom and expand the Advanced section
  • Select Content Settings
  • Select Cookies
  • Toggle off Block third-party cookies.

If you are using iOS 12 you will need to disable “Prevent cross-site tracking” in the Safari settings and only use Safari to access the Media tools.

Using iOS 13 on an iPhone or iPad

With iOS 13, you may experience different 3rd party applications not working correctly.

Kaltura, the webinar solution used within the Bizzabo meeting platform is currently not accessible using iOS 13 devices. Our recommendation is to upgrade to the latest iOS version or use a computer to access your sessions.

Using Google Chrome on a Laptop/Desktop

  • Select the 3-dot menu in the upper right
  • Select Settings
  • Select Privacy and Security in left panel menu
  • Select Allow all cookies

Using Mozilla Firefox on a Laptop/Desktop

  • Click the menu button Fx57Menu
  • Select Options
  • Select the Privacy & Security panel
  • Select Custom
  • Uncheck Cookies to allow all cookies

Using Microsoft Edge on a Laptop/Desktop

  • Select the 3-dot menu in the upper right
  • Select Settings
  • Select Privacy and security
  • Choose Basic

Using a Pop-up Blocker on a Laptop/Desktop

Make sure to turn it off for this site to allow 3rd party links

What are the recommended system requirements?

Conduct a Quick Tech Check to make sure your system works with our meeting platform.

Internet Connection Broadband wired or wireless - 3G or 4G/LTE
Speakers & microphone Built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth
Webcam Built-in or USB plug-in
Supported Operating Systems & Devices
  • Windows 10, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 7
  • Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (*V. 81+)
  • Computer or laptop with Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that is SSE2 capable and 512 MB of RAM, or a Surface PRO 2 or Surface PRO 3
  • Mac 0S X, Max 0S 10.9 or later
  • Chrome and Firefox
  • Intel processor 64-bit and 512 MB of RAM
  • Ubuntu 12.04, Mint 17.1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, Oracle Linux 6.4 Cent0S 6.4, Fedora 21, OpenSUSE 13.2, ArchLinux (64-bit only)
  • Chrome and Firefox
  • Intel Pentium 4 processor
Chrome 0S (Chromebook)
  • Chrome
  • 2GB RAM

i0S (iPhone &iPads)
Not recommended for optimal attendance experience


  • IPhone 5S or later
  • Safari
  • i0S 11 or later


  • IPad Mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad(2017) or later
  • Safari
  • i0S 11 or later
Android (phones &tablets)
Not recommended for optimal attendance experience
  • Android 4.0 or later
  • Chrome
  • Webcam & microphone: 2 Mbps upload, 2 Mbps download
  • Microphone only: 1.5 Mbps upload, 2 Mbps download
  • Without webcam or microphone: 1 Mbps upload, 2 Mbps download
  • UDP
  • TCP: 80, 443
  • HTTP: 80, 443
  • Cookies must be enabled.
  • Extensions or browser configurations that block or disable cookies may prevent attendees from joining a live session.

I have an issue/question not addressed here. What do I do?

Email cofc.info@sigmanu.org and someone from the Sigma Nu staff team will be in touch with you ASAP to help resolve your issue or address your question.

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